Silver jewellery repair & restoration

Silver jewellery repair by Post or Silver Jewellery repair London

Sterling jewellery has been very trendy over the years especially because Gold has been very expensive for the past ten years.

Buying or wearing Gold, platinum or precious metal has become very rare. We have seen an increase in silver jewellery repair in London. 

The mentality has changed; teenagers and older generations are wearing silver jewellery. 

We definitely can say that jewellery made out of silver has become very fashionable again.

It has always been challenging for any jeweller to repair or restore sterling silver jewellery. 

Sterling silver, 925 silver has got the same melting temperature, but also while the Goldsmith is repairing silver jewellery, the silver tends to get oxidized which can be removed by using a pickle.

Nonetheless, at Silver jewellery repairs and Restoration London, our silver jewellery expert has been repairing a lot of different and intricate jewellery made out of silver, 925 sterling, 800 silver.

If you have inherited silver jewellery then it is time to get it back into the trend. Silver metal is soft and tarnishes with time too. So silver jewellery needs more care and handling. If you have a worn out, broken, or tarnished silver jewellery piece, then we are here to help you out.

What type of repair do we provide on 925 jewellery?

We can repair any type of jewellery made out the silver or even silverware:

-ring repair in 925,

-Clasp replacement on sterling silver,

-earring silver repair,

-Chain soldering or chain lasering

-Broken silver chain

-Replacing chains

-Pendant replacement or repair

-Charm repair in silver

-Repairing joint on any jewellery made out sterling silver,

-Cracking filling with soldering or laser,

-Art Deco Mexican sterling silver or even 975 silver which very pure in silver,

-necklace silver 

-Vintage Charm bracelet replacement

-Filigree silver repair,

-Bangle repair or restoring

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-ring sizing in sterling, 

-Art deco silver brooch

-Art deco silver ring

-Silver ring repair

-Silver jewellery repair London

-Tiffany & Co jewellery repairs

-Silver jewellery repair by post

-Silver jewellery repair online

-Brooch silver and Paste

-Vintage jewellery silver repair

-Antique ring repair in 800

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-Silversilverware repair and restoration

-Silver repair and restoration near me

-Antique Berber jewellery

Antique vintage sterling silver large opening photo locket fob pendant necklace

-Victorian silver jewellery repair

-Vintage Gilt Sterling Silver Coral Drop Style Earrings circa 1960

-Georg Gensen jewellery

-Hallmark Chester  Smith & Pepper sterling silver bangle circa 1960

We are based in Hatton Garden London so you can pop into our workshop, or if you prefer to use our Silver Jewellery repair by post or Silver jewellery repair online, you can send your jewellery to us.

How to send Silver jewellery repair by post?

We recommend you to send your items via our prepaid Postal service with the Royal Mail, where your goods will be insured up to £2500. Please contact your local post office for further details. Also, read our posting instructions and policy before posting your silver jewellery to us.