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Omega Repair and service

Omega Repair by Post or Omega Repair London

Omega SA is a watch brand based in Biel/Bienne Switzerland and is one of the more renowned brands in timepieces. It is one of the most legendary brands of the Swatch Group. The magnificence of Omega timepieces is in their strict engineering and beautiful appearance. 

A typical wrong judgment among many is that exquisite quality timepieces don’t need to be refurbished or serviced consistently. Omega Watch Repairs and Restoration London is the leader in Omega Repair by Post.

Much the same as other extravagance things that need routine support, so does the Omega. You might end up with a drastic error later, by believing that your Omega shouldn’t be adjusted consistently. Try not to trust that an issue will occur only then you will get it overhauled, get routine maintenance of your Omega every 3 to 5 years.

With Omega watch repair near me, just book an appointment.

Omega Watch service

To ensure that your Omega watch is working correctly and giving you years of extraordinary time performance​

Omega is one of the most famous watches marks available and is highly in demand.

It ought to be refurbished routinely to keep up its unwavering quality and appearance. Feel free to send us an email, call to book an appointment with us. 

The Speedmaster series of watches features one of the most remarkable Omega watches, the Moon watch, which is broadly known for being the main watch worn on the moon.

Regardless of whether you have a vintage Omega Speed master, a Seamaster, a De Ville wristwatch, or a contemporary Globemaster, our skilled watchmaker is a specialist in the repair and maintenance of any stunning Omega timepiece.

What services do we provide?

We provide the following services for your Omega:

  • Battery replacement, resealing and pressure testing
  • Omega Automatic service
  • Omega Dial restoration and repair
  • Bracelet and strap repair or replacement
  • Omega Full service
  • Omega restoration of the case, including polishing and refinishing
  • Omega Glass replacement- mineral, sapphire or acrylic
  • Modern and vintage Omega watch repair
  • Polish and Plate Omega watch case
  • Re-guild Omega case
  • Rose Gold Omega
  • 20 microns hard Gold plating
  • Repairing watch lugs using laser or soldering
  • Vintage Omega Watch service

What happens during an Omega overhaul?

Omega Watch Repair and Restoration London provide a full service to Omega watches to the manufacturing brand’s standards. In case of the full function of the Omega watch, we usually undergo the following steps:

  • First, the wristband or bracelet of your watch is separated from its case. 
  • Next, the case is then opened, and the movement is separated. After separating that, the situation is then totally disassembled. 
  • In case that we are carrying out a full Omega restoration or refurbishment, for example, the Omega  case and wristband will be refurbished and polished to remove scratches and imperfections. This certified service is provided by an expert master polisher in our team. 
  • Next, the internal parts are first ultrasonically cleaned then greased up to limit rubbing and wear and tear. 
  • The balance wheel is expertly examined to guarantee it’s impeccably accurate. 
  • The strap of your watch then undergoes pro watch cleaning and assessment for any damage like wear and tear with time or excessive use. 
  • Any damaged or broken parts are then either renovated or replaced with branded or identical aftermarket segments. 
  • The instrument is then assembled and reattached to your watch’s wrist band with each seal replaced if necessary
  • Your timepiece is then finally tested one final time to guarantee it’s timekeeping precision and to ensure it’s yet water-tight with an additional cost

Omega Watch Service near me

In case of any problem you are facing with your Omega or need regular maintenance, bring it to us for an expert examination to our workshop in London or use our Postal service Omega repair by Post and we will give a free quotation for the service provided in the future.

Omega serviced and repaired:

Omega Watch Repair and Service London are proud to provide you following Omega watches that we have serviced:

  • Omega Aqua Terra Repair
  • Seamaster Aqua Terra Service  150M-
  • Omega Seamaster Diver Repair
  • Omega Repair –
  • Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial 30
  • Omega Aqua Terra Service231.
  • Omega Constellation
  • Omega Chronostop
  • Omega Constellation
  • Omega De Ville  Omega
  • Olympic Seamaster
  • Omega Seamaster 18k Gold Vintage Automatic Automatic, cal 552
  • Omega Planet Ocean
  • Omega De Ville Vintage Automatic
  • Omega Chonograph 1950’sOm
  • Omega Vintage 1947 18k Rose Gold
  • Omega Speedmaster MK II Vintage Mechanical Hand Wind Mechanical, Cal 861
  • Omega De Ville 9ct Vintage Mechanical Hand wind mechanical, cal 613
  • Omega Constellation 18k Gold Vintage Automatic 168.009 Circa 1967
  •  Omega Vintage 14ct Mechanical Hand wind mechanical, cal 302
  • Omega Geneve Chronostop Vintage Mechanical 146.009 Circa 1969
  • Omega Speedmaster Vintage Moonwatch 145022-69ST
  • Omega Seamaster Vintage 14k Gold Bumper
Omega vintage serviced and repaired:

If you have issues with your Omega watch, bring it to us for a full assessment and free quotation at our workshop in London, Hatton-Garden and we will assist you. Feel free to contact us for further queries related to our Omega Repair and service. We can assure you the best on Omega repair London and replacement according to the manufacturer’s brand at a reasonable price. If you cannot come to our workshop, you can use our speedy service with Rolex repair by Post.

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