Claws repairs and re-tipping the claws

Retipping Prong

Jewellery Repair  London is offering ring prong repair, claw repairs and re-tipping the claws. Use our services by post or pop in to our workshop in Hatton Garden.

After years of wearing your diamond rings, bracelet with stones, earring with precious gems and other items, they might get worn out. Over time the claws become loose and the chances of stones falling out are high.

So if you want to secure the precious stones or the diamonds please don’t wait and get the jewellery item repaired by us. We will rebuild the claws to ensure that your precious gems like rubies, sapphire, diamond, emerald, and any other precious gemstones will be secured and it will look back to its original condition.

Sapphire Cluster repairs, Claws re-tipping

It's essential to keep the claws where the precious stones reside in good condition

It happens quite often that clients don’t send their jewellery to have the claws repaired or re-tip quickly and they end up losing their stones

If the jewellery prongs are loose on your sapphire cluster, and you are afraid of losing your precious stone, then bring to our gold repair shop. If any of the prongs have snapped or been damaged then you can bring it to us.

As at Jewellery Repairs London services are now available to anyone living in England and the UK (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) Jewellery Repair by post.

What prong repair services do we provide?

We provide the following prong repair services to our customers by post:

  • Rebuilding a prong by post
  • Re-tipping a prong by post
  • Retipping ring claws
  • Lasering claws
  • Prong repair by post
  • Platinum prong repair
  • Gold prong repair
  •  Silver prong repair

What is the cost of rebuilding prong?

The cost of rebuilding 1 to 4 prongs starts from £25. So, don’t worry if your jewellery’s prongs have become brittle and are prone to breakage.  Jewellery repair experts will get them fixed for you to ensure that the stone in your jewellery will always be secure.

What does the re-tipping of prong cost?

The cost of re-tipping prongs starts from £25 depending on the number of prongs you want to re-tip. The prong re-tipping experts service your jewellery by adding metal to the top of the prong to recreate the missing tip. All you need to do is to provide all the necessary information.  Like the metal type of your jewellery and the number of prongs you want to re-tip.

Get in touch with us

Do not wait until you lose your precious gemstones from the setting and let us repair the prongs and re-tipp the claws. Feel free to book an appointment with us at our workshop in London Hatton Garden, and we will assess the repair on your jewellery or just use our Jewellery Prong repair by post.