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Ring resizing London

Where to get your ring resized? We offer ring resizing at Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration at our workshop in Hatton Garden, London. Additionally, our ring resizing by the post service is accessible in London and all UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

If you are looking for engagement ring resizing, signet ring resizing, diamond eternity ring, single diamond stone resizing, cluster ring stone replacement, or your antique or vintage ring is too big  or too small then you are in the right place.

Ring adjustment, ring reducing, alteration of ring will not be an issue for Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London.  Book an appointment with us at our workshop in Hatton Garden, London or use our ring resizing online or ring resizing by post. We can guarantee a next day service or even a faster with same day service depending on the type of ring.

Ring sizer tool

We are happy to provide a very accurate service and resize your precious gold ring, platinum ring, palladium ring, silver ring to fit your finger perfectly.

Even if you have stones (emeralds, diamonds, rubies, sapphire) on the ring, we are also able to resize it.

  • 3- Stones resized
  • Anniversary band resizing,
  • Antique ring resizing,
  • Art Deco style resizing,
  • Art Nouveau ring resizing,
  • Birthstone ring resizing,
  • Boucheron ring resizing,
  • Bridal set ring resizing,
  • Cartier ring sizing,
  • Chaumet ring resizing,
  • Channel ring
  • Cluster ring reducing,
  • Cluster Ring re sizing,
  • Coronet Cluster ring resizing,
  • Cocktail ring,
  • Edwardian increasing size,
  • Eternity ring resizing
  • Engagement ring,
  • Georgian resize,
  • Gold band ring resizing,
  • Halo Diamond ring,
  • Men’s ring resizing,
  • Modern Ring resizing,
  • Piaget ring resizing
  • Retro ring resizing,
  • Ring resize near me,
  • Ring resize near me,
  • Signet ring resizing,
  • Solitaire ring expanding,
  • wedding ring enlargement,
  • Victorian ring,
  • Garrard ring,
  • Ring resize near me,
  • Ring sizing by post
  • Emerald ring,
  • Ring enlarging online
  •  Ruby ring resizing
  • Ring Resize Online

Whether you have recently become engaged or you have received a ring from your grandmother and unfortunately it does not fit we are here to help and resize your ring. All our ring resizing work includes a free polishing and plating service. If you don’t know your ring size consult a ring size chart.  You can use a small ribbon or a piece of string to take the size of your ring.

Nevertheless, if you would like to pop into our workshop in Hatton Garden, just pop in to our Gold repair shop feel free to book an appointment, and we will assist you, and we will take the measurement of your finger with our unique goldsmith tool.  We use a UK size mandrel metal stick featuring UK sizes A-Z+6, this ring tool will measure a ring that you wear, or if you don’t have any ring, we also can use our Value Ring Gauge A – Z+6 which is used to take your finger measurement. To ensure that you have the correct ring size please visit our workshop in London Hatton Garden.

To increase the ring or reduce ring size, we also use laser welding. Our service has made us the number one specialist in-ring resizing in London and ring resizing by post.

We will supply the gold, platinum, silver to increase or decrease the size of your ring:

  • 10-karat gold  rose gold,
  • 416/417 Carats yellow gold,
  • 10 Carats white gold,
  • 14-K rose gold ring,
  • 14 Carat yellow gold,
  • 583/585 Karats white gold ring , 
  • 18 Carat yellow gold,
  • 750 Carats Rose gold
  • 18-K white gold,
  • 18 karat rose gold band ring enlarge,
  • 18 Carat White Gold diamond ring sizing, 
  • 22 Carats gold,
  • 9 carats yellow ,
  • 325 rose gold,
  • 9 Karats White Gold ring, 
  • Palladium ring resizing,
  • Platinum antique ring resized,
  • Silver
The cost for a ring to get resized will depend on the type of ring, but the most important will be the type of metal and the mount:

The price will vary if it’s a diamond cluster that needs to get resized, diamond eternity ring reducing, halo diamond setting enlarges, or antique ring  based on the gold price and Platinum price. 

Order your prepaid, insured envelope with Ring correction online for ring resizing sent by the post with Royal Mail from London and all UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) or just book an appointment with us at a workshop in London Hatton Garden.

Ring Resizing-FAQ

Ring Resizing-FAQ

Your engagement ring, antique ring, wedding ring is not of the right size? 

No need to worry now, Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London is glad to offer its exclusive services to downsize or up to size your precious and vital rings. 

No need to worry now, Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London is glad to offer its exclusive services to downsize or up to size your precious and vital rings. 

Ring resizing starts from £35+VAT plus the shipping cost if you use our ring resizing by post. It can go up depending on the type of metal, silver, yellow gold, white gold, stainless steel, palladium platinum, etc. or how many numbers you want to upsize. 

Ring downsizing for most of the metal types starts from £35+VAT plus the shipping charges. However, we encourage you to visit us at our Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London workshop if you are planning on going more than four sizes down.

We provide our ring resizing services for the following metals: Silver, Brass, White gold, Yellow gold, Rose gold, Platinum, ring which are gold, plated

Yes we do and we are very proud to resize any types of Antique rings and vintage. From any era, Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Yes, we do work with some of the other metals as well, like, brass, bronze, and copper rings, but we will prefer that you contact us for more information before booking an appointment or posting to us.

Most of the jewellers hesitate to resize the stainless-steel rings because of the nature of the metal. But we assure you that our experts at Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London have experience and  equipment at the workshop to work with stainless steel.

But it can take us some additional days to work with stainless steel compared to other metals because of the nature of the metal. Please consider this before upsizing your stainless-steel ring:

  • Rings made of stainless steel but with coloured finishes and textures are adjustable but will show minor signs of work after the upsizing process.
  • We work with all types of stainless-steel rings except ones with inlay, as the upsizing process permanently changes the integrity of the ring’s design.

But you don’t have to worry about the above conditions if you want to downsize your stainless-steel rings. Whether they have coloured finishes, textures, or have inlay, they can be sized down using alternative methods without compromising the integrity of the ring’s design.

Yes, we provide our services for resizing rings with any type of stone in it. But, please keep in mind that resizing a ring with stones may loosen them so we will need to do some additional stone fitting service at an additional fee per stone along with the resizing work. 

Yes. In most cases, it is possible. Our experts are specialized enough to be able to resize your engraved ring without losing your special message. So, you don’t have to worry about it. Trust us! We are very good at it. 

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London can resize any type of your ring. Whether it’s an antique ring, engagement ring, eternity ring, wedding rings, mens ring, or any other kind of ring. You name it, and we have our services for you.

We post orders anywhere in the U.K (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) . So, we can provide you our services no matter your location.

We have the following shipping options for our customer to choose one from:

  • Royal mail service, special delivery
  • DHL

The total time of your delivery depends on your location along with the shipping option you are choosing. Our turnaround time is speedy once we receive your jewellery needing to be repaired. Usual turnaround time is the same day to maximum 1-2 days for most of the repairs.

You need not worry about it. You can edit your order at any time before we start working on it. All you need is to stay in touch with us. We will adjust the size according to your changes. But be aware that with a significant difference in the sizing of the ring, there will be adjustments in service fees as well. We will contact you as well before doing any work to confirm your order.