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Watch glass replacement

If you are a real watch lover, then you can feel the pain of a scratched or broken glass of your all-time favorite watch. Simply use our glass watch replacement service.

Your pain is our pain when it comes to your broken watches. We do not want your flawless timepiece to be settled into your drawer for broken Watches just because of a scratch or broken glass. 

Watch glass Replacement London or Crystal Glass Replacement by post

It does not matter if it is a brand-new watch or a family heirloom, passed from generation to generation in your family. We are providing our 65 years’ experience and expertise in jewellery repair and watch repair for you.

Vintage Watch Crystal Replacement

If your watch needs a little maintenance like  Watch Crystal replacement for your vintage watch then you are the right place.

Feel free to book an appointment with us at our workshop in London, Hatton-Garden or use our postal service Vintage Watch Glass replacement by Post. 

rolex submariner crystal replacement

Watch Repairs & Crystal Glass Replacement London

We are here to take care of your sentiments and your watches.


Before you go to another local watchmaker’s shop or any shop, try to send us the pictures of your broken watch, broken glass or sapphire glass, Watch Glass Fitting (Mineral, shaped)  in London Hatton Garden and get a free quotation or use our Watch Repair by Post.

Watch Glass Replacement

What type of services do we provide?

When it comes to watching repair, we do  not give a quick fix or a temporary solution. We provide a permanent solution like a forever fix to your watch glass.

 The moment you choose Jewellery Watch Repair and Restoration London for repair and restoration of your beloved watch, we provide you with our best-certified watchmakers and master jewellers on the case from start to finish.

Type of watches

Rolex Crystal glass replacement,

Omega glass replacement,

Quartz glass replacement, mechanical watch glass replacement,

Solar lunar glass watch replacement,

Pocket watch glass replacement,

pocket watch glass replacement

In case of scratches on the watch glass, only watch glass will be replaced by our expert watchmakers

But if the glass is shattered, it is essential to replace the watch glass and check the movement as well.

Since when the glass breaks, the microscopic glass or sapphire particles can get stuck into the action causing damage.

But no worries, we will match the best replacement for you and your watch be just new as it was at the time you bought it.

Watch Crystal Replacement service near me

We know that we are living in a culture of DIYs, but we must admit that watch glass repair is still an art that is not possible to be done at home with perfection.

 As it demands best replacement glass, high precision, cutting, and binding tools. At Watch Repair London we provide you with professionals and appropriate equipment to repair it for you.

So, please avoid DIY jobs and bring it to us. Once it is at our workshop and you specify your watch repair needs, we will walk you through the whole process. Our customers trust us, and we feel proud of it.

Don’t forget if you are too busy or live too far, use our postal service and send your watch to our workshop in Hatton Garden London with Watch Glass Replacement by Mail.

We are able to replace any watch glass from any brand like:

  • Omega,
  • Cartier,
  • Rolex Crystal glass replacement,
  • Tag Heuer,
  • Tissot,
  • Vintages watches,
  • Benson,
  • Pocket watch glass replacement,
  • Vacheron,
  • Chopard,
  • IWC,
  • Ulysse Nardin,
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre,
  • Panerai,
  • Piaget,
  • Breitling,
  • Bell & Ross,
  • Bremont,
  • Beaume & Mercier,
  • Corum,
  • Gerard Perregaux,
  • Hublot,
  • Montblanc,
  • Tudor,
  • Seiko,
  • Louis Vuitton


The Cost depending the types of watches. 

We can guarantee the best price in London.

We have stock for any types of watch glass, watch crystal





-Low Dome,

-Flat Mineral Glass,


-Sapphire Watch Crystals,

-Acrylic Low Dome

-UB Glass,

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