Watch Repairs and Services in London Hatton Garden

Watch repair and restoration London

At Jewellery Watch Repairs & Restoration London our professional horological masters are fully trained and qualified.

Jewellery Watch Repairs & Restoration London offers a fully guaranteed watch restoration service. We will offer you a quote including cost of new parts that need to be replaced along with an estimate prior to replacement and the restoration process.

You can contact our watchmakers regarding your watch repair or restoration by phone or by booking an appointment online.

At Jewellery Watch Repairs & Restoration London, we offer an exclusive watch repair service in London Hatton Garden, watch repair near me.

Our aim is to repair or restore your watch to a fully functioning state and immaculate condition.

We ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the service we provide as that is what keeps us in business! Our prices are fair and honest and we aim to be the most competitive in the market.

Our professional horologists are trained watchmakers with lots of years of experience in the industry.

How does Jewellery Watch Repairs & Restoration London work?


We start by giving you an estimate for the watch repair or restoration when you visit our workshop in Hatton Garden. Please book an appointment online here.

When you are ready to proceed we will need your watch to be brought to the workshop. You will shortly receive an email/call from us advising that your watch is ready for collection. From the moment you give us the go ahead to repair or restore your watch you can expect it back within 1-7 days depending on the service required and the parts required.

We offer a high quality watch restoration service specialising in RolexSwiss, IWC, CartierOmega, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Lange Uhren, Montblanc, Breitling, vintage watches, pocket watches and much more.

All watch repairs will be done in our London workshop and we cover the major watch brands and models to include:

The Watchmakers Code

Mechanical watches (automatic or manually wound ones) require servicing typically once in 2-5 years depending on the make and model. 

Having the watch serviced will ensure that the watch is keeping time and will also reduce wear and tear of the movement parts.
When we receive a watch for repair we will carefully disassemble the movement to the individual parts, and then check for wear and tear, clean and lubricate them

We diligently will put the movement back together and test for time keeping accuracy and make any relevant adjustments.
We would be delighted to provide a quote for a full watch repair service / restoration, or a single service or part replacement which would include: glass repair, dial restoration or winding stem.

We are able to source a wide variety of watch parts for many current and old models or we can rely on our stock we hold. 

This will ensure that we can carry our a speedy repair. If the part we need for your watch is rare or hard to come by we will endeavour to make sure we source the part and will keep you fully informed on timescale and cost of the repair.
We are fully aware that it is hard to find a reputable watch repairer and restorer in London as not many watch repairers have the knowledge and experience that we do.

 We are also aware that the cost of getting a watch repair done in London can be quite pricey. 

Many watch repairers in London don’t have the expertise or knowledge about watches and simply take your watch to someone else and hope that they can repair your watch. This often means a very costly repair.

We can assure you that we are different to other watch repairers – we have the knowledge and experience in-house and we offer the best prices.
We looking forward to hearing from you.