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Bespoke Jewellery

At Bespoke jewellery London, we are pleased to offer a bespoke service in Jewellery making. You will be able to commission us for making a unique jewellery piece. We are proud to provide a professional bespoke service to our bespoke client.

We will provide a unique experience during the process of creating your custom jewellery items.

Bespoke Jewellery made to your imagination, and our Bespoke jewellery will make use of your inspiration and creativity to participate in the process of making your High end  Jewellery and Handmade.

We are experts in Gemstones and Diamond.

Best Bespoke Jewellery Service

Making new jewellery designs from old jewellery and designing unique jewellery is not an easy task. Both tasks need professionalism and old techniques. 

At Bespoke Jewellers London, you will find trendy and attractive bespoke jewellery that is crafted for valuable customers like you.

At our place, we not only repair your jewellery but also create hand-made bespoke jewellery drawing designs and gouache rendering designs of jewellery. 

Custom Ruby pendant and diamond designed

Beginning with choosing the perfect stone for your jewellery to a unique design, we will help you with showing the latest jewellery designs and suitable stones for your rings or necklaces.

If you want to consult our bespoke jewellery designers, then you can book an appointment anytime and can discuss the jewellery ideas. As we are based in London, and all our unique jewellery pieces are professionally made by hand in London.

 Whether you are looking for ancestral or antique jewellery designs or contemporary jewellery designs, our expert jewellery designers can craft any type of jewellery as per your specifications and demands. 

Along with designing bespoke jewellery, our design team can help you in finding the perfect stone and suitable metal for your chosen jewellery pieces. If you want to know about the particular gemstone-like where it comes, the significance of the gemstone, how to keep it clean, etc, then you can find the complete information about the gem from our informative booklet.

Get the Best Bespoke Jewellery Pieces

Each designed or crafted piece will suit your style and budget. In crafting a bespoke jewellery process, the first and most crucial step is to talk with an expert jeweller, and you can speak with our expert jeweller via phone, email, and by booking an appointment. 

We are not limited to our crafted custom jewellery service. Our service begins by getting to know about your preferences, choices, your loved ones so that we can give you beautiful jewellery as per your taste and requirement. 

Our Bespoke jewellery services are tied in with mixing our sensibilities into these close items that reflect you. 

Quality In Detail

Every bespoke jewellery piece is crafted by hand by our expert and professional artisans. This ensures not only high-quality but also transparency. We are committed to providing the best and unique custom jewellery pieces and ethically-sourced gemstones. Want to get high-quality jewellery pieces? Feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements.

Our jewellery designer team can help you with designing the jewel of your dreams. At Bespoke jewellery London, we follow a creative process starting from the choice of stone to the final decision for your bespoke jewellery.

Type of bespoke jewellery that we handmade:

  • Diamond Cluster,
  • Sapphire and diamond Coronet Cluster
  • Diamond Single stone
  • Custom jewellery
  • Bespoke engagement ring
  • Earring with diamonds
  • Art Deco style ring

In the first step of our creative process, we connect with our customers face-to-face or on-call so that we can get to know about their ideas and thoughts in mind regarding the stone and jewellery piece.  At this time, you can also select different grades of diamonds according to your style and budget. 

This step will help you to get your desired jewellery piece.

After the discussion of your requirements, we show a collection of selected stones that will match your criteria.  All stones are original; you will also get the certificate of authenticity. You can choose any stone, and we will place that stone in your bespoke jewellery piece.

Once you have done with the stone selection process, our expert artisans will design your jewellery piece by using gouache designs and handmade techniques. 

After finalizing the design criteria, our artisans will make a gauche design of your jewellery setting

At last, we finalize your jewellery design. You will get a unique and bespoke jewellery piece at the best price.

If you want to create your jewellery, then call us anytime, we will give you suggestions according to your mindset and budget. 

We are one of the renowned and reliable jewellers who are highly-known for providing beautiful bespoke jewellery pieces. Our expert design team crafts exquisite jewellery by using modern technology and time-tested techniques. So, if you are searching for a leading jewellery workshop in London, then connect with us now and get the best jewellery bespoke services at reasonable rates. We have years of experience in crafting bespoke jewellery pieces and a comprehensive range of jewellery services like Jewellery Repair. Get your dream jewellery now from the leading jewellers based in London, Hatton Garden

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