Costume Jewellery Repair Services

You have had a piece of costume jewellery, but it is close to your heart and is broken. Are you confused with investing money in its repair?

Or do you think even if it is worth it or not? We care for your sentiments.

Best Costume Jewellery Repair

 We are offering our expertise to repair your costume jewellery in London. 


Feel free to reach out to us with confidence, either visit our workshop in Hatton Garden London, or you can send your costume jewellery to us by mail as well using our Costume jewellery repair by post.

We are proud to be able to offer the best repair services for your costume jewellery repair in London. 

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We provide repair any type of Costume Jewellery from any periods:

  1. Art Deco costume jewellery repair from 1920’s to 1930’s,
  2. Retro Costume Jewellery repair from 1935 to 1950,
  3. Art modern costume jewellery from 1945 to 1960’s,
  4. Vintage costume jewellery repair ,
  5. Retro costume jewellery repair,
  6. Fashion costume jewellery repair

Fixing Costume jewellery, repairing designer costume jewellery is one of our strengths, bringing back life to your beautiful fashion jewellery.

Famous branded costume jewellery that we have repaired in our workshop in Hatton Garden, London:

  • Chanel costume jewellery,
  • Costume jewellery repair near me
  • Hermès jewellery repair,
  • Dior jewellery repair,
  • Christian Dior,
  •  Costume jewellery repair by mail,
  •  Hermes, 
  • Vivienne Westwood Costume jewellery,
  • LV or Louis Vuitton Costume Jewellery,
  • Chloe,
  • The Coro Costume Jewellery by Corocraft,
  • Celine costume jewellery,
  • Elsa Schiaparelli,
  • Eisenburg,
  • DeRosa,
  • Trifari,
  • Hobe,
  • Weiss,
  • Bouche
  • Miriam Haskall, 
  • Carnegie, 
  • Florenza,
  • Kramer,
  • Sarah Coventry, 
  • Barclay,
  • Bogoff,
  • William de Lillo,
  • DeMario,
  • A&C Arts & Crafts,
  • Alcozer & J,
  • Claire’s
  • Dolce & Gabbana,
  • Dooney & Bourke, 
  • Costume jewellery repair by post

What is costume jewellery?

Costume jewellery can be broadly defined as any jewellery piece that is not included in “fine jewellery.” Fine jewellery is jewellery made of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and occasionally sterling silver and expensive gemstones like diamonds, sapphire, rubies, and emeralds.

So, what generally falls under the category of costume jewellery? Any jewellery piece made from inexpensive metals, including silver, copper, brass, based metal and low-quality gemstones like cubic zirconia, plastic, glass, and even less expensive, semi-precious stones such as amethyst or rose quartz. 

Costume jewellery Repairing is not always easy. The most common type of repairs includes soldering the chain or any other broken piece. Soldering requires a hot metal alloy to work as a glue to mend the broken pieces together mend the broken pieces together. 

Soldering of pure and fine metals is an easy task but with repairing costume jewellery following factors affect the repairing:

Adding new findings soldering or laser on costume jewellery, fashion jewellery:

  • Changing pins on fashion jewellery, use jeweller special laser welder for minor repair,
  • Changing butterfly on earring for retro jewellery,
  • Making post for earring when costume jewellery earring are broken or damaged

Types of metal

As the metal combination varies so widely for costume jewellery it can be difficult for a jeweller to figure out the exact metal combination used to solder it. As we all know that metals have different melting points, some have low melting points while others have high when exposed to heat.

So, the biggest fear of jewellers is to expose a vintage costume jewellery piece of unknown metal to heat, resulting in its melting and damaging the part

For this reason, jewellers first test the item by exposing it to a very low level of heat source to see if it reacts. We also use special equipment such as laser soldering on costume jewellery.

Type of stones:

Costume jewellery stones like cubic zirconia or other semi-precious natural gems like amethyst are durable and not easily affected by the heat as well. So, they can withstand the soldering process, while plastic stones and glass stones can easily break and burn during the repair procedure.

To avoid this, the repairer often removes any type of delicate stones around the damaged area before soldering.

Metal colour:

Another factor that affects the repairing process of costume jewellery is the possible discolouration of metal during the process. If the custom jewellery is plated, then this problem is common, as the plating over the original metal may be worn off while repairing the jewellery item. 

What are the repair services we provide?

We are providing several repair services for your damaged costume jewellery, depending on the damage and the type of metal as well. Here are our most common repair services:

Lasering for Costume jewellery

Despite the complications usually faced while lasering a costume jewellery piece, our jewellery repair experts and proper equipment enables us to provide you this service with perfection.

Whether it is your custom broken chain, damaged pendant or a ring, we can laser or solder  any piece of custom jeweller. Whether it is plated, or has a lot of stones or enamel, our experts will handle your every sentimental piece with great care and perfection.

Stone replacement or setting for Costume Jewellery:

In costume jewellery, usually, the stones are attached with glue or a binding material that is not very long-lasting, and stones often fall out with time. In such cases, it may be hard to find the exact plastic or glass source to replace. But no need to worry at all. We can replace your low-quality stones with real jewels or even synthetic stones, depending on your demand.

Gold Plating Costume jewellery, flash plating fashion jewellery or Rose gold plating Designer jewellery:

Usually, most of the custom jewellery pieces are plated that can show discolouration with time after years of use. But do not worry; we can make your loving jewellery pieces brand new again by re-plating them. You can customize the type of metal you want to plate along with the thickness of the layer. 

Resizing costume rings:

If your costume rings need  resizing, bring or send it to us by post without a second thought. We can resize any type of metal costume ring apart from lead metal. But keep in mind that if your custom ring is plated, then it will need a re-plating once after resizing, which will cost extra fee. 

How do we take the orders?

With Costume jewellery repair near me, you can visit us directly in person at our workshop in London Hatton Garden or you can send your Costume jewellery repair by post as well.