Antique jewellery repairs & restoration

Antique Jewellery Repairs online Or Antique Jewellery Repair London

As we are experts in Antique jewellery repair in London Hatton Garden, we can restore and repair any types of jewellery back to their original condition. We are the number one specialist in Antique jewellery repair online.

Types of antique jewellery that we restore

  • Antique Georgian (1714-1837) jewellery repairs,
  • Antique Victorian (1837-1901) jewellery repairs,
  • Art Nouveau (1890-1915) jewellery repair,
  • Edwardian (1901-1914) jewellery,
  • Belle epoque diamond brooch repair
  • Victorian Butterfly brooch repair,
  • Vintage Mid-century(1950) jewellery
  • Italian jewellery from 19 Century restoration,
  • Antique jewellery repair near me,
  • French antique jewellery restoration,
  • Russian antique jewellery repais,
  • Brooches repairs,
  • Antique and vintage jewellery repair
  • Antique jewellery repair online
  • Edwardian cluster restoration
  • Art deco bague marguerite repais
  • Repair antique jewellery by post
  • Cocktail ring repairs
  • Diamond Austro-Hungarian bracelet restoration
  • Austro-Hungarian jewellery repair
  • Miniature and diamond brooch, French, circa 1800

  • Antique brooch repair
Art nouveau jewellery

If you have any jewellery which from those epoques which need to be restored we can fix it for you

We are pleased to confirm that we will be happy to refurbish and repair your precious items with Antique Jewellery Repair by Post or antique jewellery repair London, at our gold repair shop in Hatton Garden.

What’s the mount or the shank?

It’s the band around the ring. We can remake the shank entirely or just add the gold or any precious metal missing.

Types of metals

Antique ring Mount in 9 Carats yellow gold, 14 carats yellow gold, 18 carats yellow gold,  platinum, white gold 9 carats, white gold 14 carats, 18 carats white gold, rose gold 9 carats, rose gold 14 carats, rose gold 18 carats that have been worn, misshaped or completely broken. 

Antique jewellery repair online

But if you prefer to pop into our workshop in Hatton Garden instead of sending your antique jewellery by Post, feel free to book an appointment.

We will repair and restore your jewellery with our Antique Jewellery Repair by Post services.

Email us for any queries or if you would like a quick assessment, use WhatsApp, and we will try to give you a rough estimate.