Jewellery remodelling

Get the Best Jewellery Remodelling & Redesign Services​

You can see jewellery in every woman’s wardrobe. Do you want use old jewellery to make new jewellery?You have received a received  a heirloom vintage ring and you want us remodel the shape of the ring.

If you want to try some attractive redesigns jewellery, then you use our remodelling service as we can recycle your gold? You’re going to improvise your old jewellery pieces, then you should take help from the best and leading London Jewellery Remodelling Service Provider.

 Are you looking for a renowned and reliable Jewellery Remodelling Service Provider dealing with Heirloom?

You are at the right destination. At our Hatton Garden’s workshop, with London Heirloom you can get old jewellery melt, recycle,redesign jewellery, remodelling, and other  services at an affordable price. 

Ring remodelling

Team of Craftmen

Do you love unique and modern jewellery?  

At our Gold jewellery shop, you can directly communicate with our professional Goldsmith who can easily remodel and turn :

-ring into necklace,

-wedding ring into pendant,

-ring into pendant,

-old rings into new ring, 

remodel engagement ring,

-heirloom remodelling

You can also tell us about your design requirements, and our maker will customize the redesigns jewellery according to your taste. Our designer’s priority is customer satisfaction.

Our skill diamond mounter use your old gold jewellery  to produce handmade master pieces. 

Saphire halo, heirloom ring remodelling

We make sure that the pieces we redesigned are manufactured under the highest quality standards.  We are familiar with the working jewellery remodeling techniques. Thus we can make a single piece of jewellery from two jewellery pieces.

Using old diamonds in new ring? Yes we can.

It is a fact that reflection of things changes with time. When we talk about jewellery, no one likes to wear old jewellery in today’s time because, in the new jewellery industry, you can see an exclusive collection of jewellery.

Old Jewellery remodeling is one of the best practices that can recycle your gold jewellery and gemstones into unique and trendy fine piece that you can wear for the next many decades. 

And you also cannot waste your valuable money on buying new pieces of jewellery. So, in this case, jewellery remodeling is one of the great opportunities for you that can give you new jewellery designs as per your style and taste

In today’s digital era, the transformation of old metals and jewellery is possible. Our craftsman can melt rose gold, palladium, yellow Gold, platinum and any other metal to make a high end jewellery, ring, bracelet, pendant.

Inherited Jewellery

Antique jewellery has remarkable value. You cannot neglect the importance of your Heirloom jewellery pieces, but yes, we can redesign your Vintage  jewellery in new and classy designs. According to today’s trendy fashion and your taste.

Great and fantastic Jewellery remodeling services can help you out.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our Gold shop and use the benefits of our best quality jewellery care services.

Give a unique, ravishing, and beautiful look to your jewellery.