Cocktail Watch Repair

Diamond Watch Repair

The watchmaking industry has ruled all the other fashion industries for ages.  According to a careful approximation between 1910 and 1970, 150 million wrist watches were produced from nearly 1000 different movement models.

If you own a Swiss, American, French or English watch falls between 1910 to 1950’s, and it is not functional now, then luckily, you’ve found the right page and the right place.

There can be 100 reasons why your Swiss, American, French or English diamond watch, cocktail watch, art deco watch is not running.

At Diamond Watch Repair and Restoration, we have been the number one expert repairing Art Deco Diamond watches, Cocktail watches made mostly in Platinum, gold, white gold.

Tiffany & Co watch diamond repair

Use our Diamond watch repair by post or just book an appointment with us at our workshop in London Hatton-Garden with our service Diamond watch repair near me, Cocktail watch repair London.

Watch restoration might appear fascinating, but it is not an easy profession; that is the reason you often find a honed watchmaker. 

Diagnosing mechanical problems of your watch might not be an easy task. Thus, most watch problems are diagnosed after disassembling the watch properly.

White gold art deco watch repair

Why is your antique diamond watch no longer functional?

Most mechanical watches (manual winding) lose their dependability or will stop operating due to following reasons:

  • the inner mechanical parts have become dirty or rusty
  • lubrication has dried up.

 A full disassembly, followed by a thorough cleaning, reassembly, and calibration, will bring your antique watch back to life. 

Often we encounter situations where a watch stops due to:


  • Internal breakage
  • fatigue
  • complications due to water damage
  • rust
  • broken mainspring
  • Servicing winding movement
  • Broken balance
  • Winding movement

These are the conditions where parts replacement becomes integral.

Why does your Art Deco watch or Cocktail watch need repair services?

Most of the vintage watches, Cocktail watches that Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London has restored in the course were approximately between 70 years and 100 years old and needed replacement parts due to wear or breakage.

Another interesting fact is that each watch demands individual care depending on age, model, style, original quality, metal or precious metal (silver, platinum, gold, white gold or platinum) and mode of usage.

 Each Cocktail watch or Diamond watch that is sent to us for restoration is completely serviced using authentic replacement parts if necessary. All repair work and replaced parts are guaranteed for almost one year.

Once your watch is serviced correctly and improved, it is good to go again. No matter how expensive or precise your watch is, it deserves the proper service once in 3-5 years to ensure that it runs smoothly.

How do we provide repair service to your antique platinum diamond antique watch?

According to our approach of restoration, most of the mechanical watches are restored in 3 blocks. Each time ranges from an hour to two each.

Upon completion of the diagnosis and fixing, every mechanical and aesthetic consideration is done to revitalize your ladies art deco diamond watch and Cocktail watch back to his original condition.

 After the whole procedure, your restored Diamond wristwatch is ready again for daily use, and in most cases will not need its next servicing for up to 5 years.

Our company owns an extensive archive of early American, French, English and Swiss watch parts. However, it is integral to mention that due to the rarity of some watches and limited manufacturing runs of replacement material, not all watch parts are available for all watches.

Still, we value the quality, and if your watch needs a replacement, then it will be replaced with a quality part. The whole repairing process is first discussed with the clients, and after disassembling, if we have to switch to an alternative, then it will be chosen after getting your consent.

What ladies diamond watches are fixed by Us?

Throughout our years of service, we have extensive experience in dealing with these Art Deco ladies diamond watches. Servicing and repairing such an enormous number of observations has bestowed our technicians with an eye that can almost identify any issue veiling behind the watch movement.

Just hand over the watch to us at our London, workshop in Hatton-Garden or use our Postal service with the Royal Mail, Diamond Watch repair by Post, and we will return it to you nearly as fully restored as it was on the day it was born.

As stated earlier, throughout services, we have worked with practically every model piece, but the most common we have dealt with very often are:

  • Alleman & Gisiger, Art Deco, 900 Platinum and Diamonds, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet, 17 jewels movement,
  • Hamilton, Cocktail Watch 900 Platinum and Diamonds, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet, 17 jewels movement,
  • Bulova  Mother-of-Pearl Dial, 900 Platinum, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet,
  • S.Kocher & Co Seventeen, Art Deco, White Gold, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet, 17 Jewels movement,
  • Sandoz Ladies, Cocktail Watch 900 Platinum and Diamonds, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet,17 jewels movement,
  • Tissot, Art Deco, 900 Platinum Diamonds, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet ,17 jewels movement,
  • Tiffany & Co, Art Deco, 900 Platinum Diamonds, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet, 17 jewels movement,
  • Croton, 900 Platinum Diamonds, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet,17 jewels movement,
  • Perraux, 900 Platinum Diamonds, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet ,17 jewels movement,
  • Cromwell,14K Gold Diamonds & Rubies, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet ,17 jewels movement,
  • Ed Koehn, Platinum Diamonds & Rubies, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet ,17 jewels movement,
  • Perry, 900 Platinum Diamond Sapphire, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet, 17 jewels movement,
  • Patek Philippe, 900 Platinum Diamond, Diamonds Set Case & Bracelet,17 jewels movement,
  • Vogel, Art Deco, 900 Platinum Diamond, 17 jewels movement,
How to get your ladies art deco diamond watch repaired by us?

Our company has many decades of experience in restoring these impressive timepieces and chronographs, which themselves symbolize a history. Additionally, our company also owns a very extensive archive of replacement parts for these antique watches.

So if you have an antique swiss or American watch, ladies art deco diamond watch, Cocktail watch platinum  and diamond ladies watch that needs repairing, then get it fixed and give it an ultimate new look by sending it to us.

We’re offering the watch repairs both locally to our London workshop in Hatton-Garden with art deco watch repair London, diamond watch repair near me and nationally with Diamond watch repair by Post with Royal mail.

The procedure for the national orders and shipping have been made handy so that we can extend our services to anyone in need anywhere in the U.K (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). 

Our local customers can visit our watch repair shop in London, Hatton-Garden and book appointments and can discuss the matter with our experts. Our team will provide you with the estimated time it will require to get your diamond watch fixed. The non-local customers can drop their orders and queries and can get the watch shipped to us safely through our shipment with Royal mail special delivery.

How to contact us?

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London is looking forward to your email enquiry and focusing on subtle details about the current condition of your vintage diamond watch.

For instance, Does it set? Does it tick? Additionally, any known previous servicing history will help determine what is needed.

These inquiries help in providing you with an approximation of the costs associated with repair and service.