Eternity ring repair London or Eternity ring repair by Post


Diamond eternity can be repaired and resized at Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London.

 These rings are among trendy and very classy rings. 

We can also call them infinity rings and they are most of the time given by the husband to their wife for celebrating their ten years union or sometimes when a couple gets their first child. 

Most of the time, they are made exclusively for their spouse or partner. 

Get your Eternity ring repair, or use our Eternity ring repair by post.

eternity ring repair and resized

Brief history of Eternity ring

Diamond eternity rings are made mainly in white gold and platinum with the diamond set. The diamond or precious gems have the same size and same cut. Eternity rings appeared for the first time in the 18th Century, but we were not fitted with diamonds in this period, but instead with white topaz and paste gems.

De Beers was among the first jewellers back in the 60s to make an eternity diamond ring. Diamond eternity rings have got a massive symbolism of love. That’s why they always need to be taken care of.

What types of repairs?

  • Restoring gemstones eternity ring,
  • Resizing diamond eternity ring,
  • Resizing gemstones eternity ring,
  • Repairing half diamond eternity ring,
  • Restoring half Gemstones Eternity Ring,
  • Re-size half diamond eternity ring,
  • Ring alteration  half gemstone eternity ring,
  • Resizing eternity by post
  • Resizing eternity repair online
  • Antique Edwardian eternity ring repair
  • Diamond missing on the setting of Eternity ring
  • Eternity ring repair London
  • Mount repair
  • Claw repair on Eternity ring

Resizing the eternity diamond ring can be quite tricky, but with experience it is certainly possible.

At Jewellery watch repairs and restoration London we will make sure that the eternity diamond ring will fit your finger perfectly.

  1. Metal needs to be assessed (Gold, Platinum, White Gold or Palladium)
  2. Finger size is measured
  3. Stones type identified (diamonds or gemstones), because if we need to increase the size and add diamonds or gemstones we will have to make sure to respect the colour and clarity and also the same type of setting
  4. Type of setting, for example channel setting or pavé setting

If you cannot come to our workshop, please feel free to use our postal service, Eternity Ring repair online, or Eternity resized by the post.

Why choose us?
  1. We have expert repairers in Eternity ring repair London
  2. Eternity repair by post provide us a faster turnaround
  3. We are providing nationwide and national services with Eternity repair online
  4. We are offering a one year guarantee on all repairs and services
  5. There are no hidden charges
  6. We have the most affordable packages
  7. Our company uses top qualities stones and diamonds.
How to get your Eternity ring resized by us?

So if you have an eternity ring that needs repairing, then get it fixed and give it an ultimate new look by sending it to us.

We are offering the ring resizing both locally and nationally, the procedure for the UK ( England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) national orders and shipping have been made handy so that we can extend our services to anyone in need anywhere in London with Eternity ring repair by post.

The local customers can visit our gold repair shop and can let the matter be discussed with our experts. Our team will provide you with the estimated time it will require to get your ring resized. Customers can drop their orders and queries and can get the ring shipped to us safely through our shipment partners.