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Vintage Watch Repair

Vintage watch repair by Post or Vintage watch repair London

Vintage Watch Repairs and Restoration London consists of master watchmakers with specialized skills dealing with vintage watches. Our dedication and passion for restoring the old timepieces made us able to start this exclusive service.

Since the establishment of the service, we have successfully repaired and restored many vintage pieces. Vintage watch repairing is not frequent because it needs shrewdness and a knowledgeable eye. Luckily our watchmaker has acquired both in their decade long training.

Since the establishment of the service, we have successfully repaired and restored many vintage pieces. Vintage watch repairing is not frequent because it needs shrewdness and a knowledgeable eye. Luckily our watchmaker has acquired both in their decade long training.

 Our experts can deal with the most intricate movements and casings belonging to any kind of wristwatch, Antique watch or vintage watch. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call, book an appointment with us at our London, Hatton-Garden premises or simply use our postal service with Vintage watch repair by Post.

Vintage Tissot Repair
Vintage Eloga Repair

The Vintage watches brands we have repaired and Serviced on:

Throughout our serving years, our watchmaker has dealt with several brands. There could hardly be anything that they will not know about your watch; thus, if you have any kind of vintage or antique watch, Swiss vintage watch, French vintage Watch, American vintage watch or English vintage Watch then bring it to us; we have even restored the Military, Diver, or limited edition vintage watch.

  •  Nacar Swiss Made
  • 1940s orator wrist watch
  • Accutron –
  • Actina – kilchenmann 
  • Admiral
  • Aircraft ww2 era english 
  • Badshai
  • Vintage Breitling
  • Certina
  • Chronometro
  • Cortébert
  • Cyma
  • Cyma-amic 
  • Dixvil – e. Blancpain 
  • Dubois-depraz
  • Ebel
  • Elgé
  • Elgin
  • Enicar
  • Fab suisse
  • Favre-leuba
  • Gruen
  • Ingersoll triumph 1950’s
  • Jaquet droz
  • Lemania
  • Lip
  • Vintage Longines
  • Malborough
  • Manager
  • Mansoni 
  • Mao 
  • Maple 
  • Marathon 
  • Marben 
  • Marbla 
  • Marc favre
  • Marc nicolet 
  • Mardon 
  • Mardona 
  • Marine master 
  • Marino 
  • Marion 
  • Nivada
  • Vintage Omega
  • Vintage Patek philippe
  • Vintage Piaget
  • Precision
  • Rado
  • Vintage Rolex 
  • Sinex
  • Smiths
  • Smith’s imperial
  • Suisse chronograph
  • Vintage Tag heuer
  • Tavannes
  • Trench Watch Repair
  • Tudor
  • Unitas 
  • Universal genève
  • Vintage Vacheron & constantin
  • Andre Wyler
  • Wittnauer
  • Yema
  • Zenith
  • Waltham 17 Jewels

Vintage Watch Repair & Restoration

We understand the value of your watch, and we do understand how crucial the original parts can be for the smooth running of your vintage watch. In the wake of this, our company has sourced many unique elements of vintage watches.

When we receive an order, the first preference is given to replace the component with the original. However, if we cannot source an original part, then our skillful watchmakers are skilled enough to craft an intricate replacement for your watch. Here at our company, we own all the concerned machinery to craft a similar replacement that suits well along with the other components of your watch.

We are one of the few proficient jewellers in the locality to have our Master Watchmaker and to deal with watch making. We also offer one of the best dial restoration services, vintage watch case restoration, vintage case refurbishment. No matter how much damage or wear and tear your vintage timepiece has been through, we can lovingly restore your vintage watch revitalizing its former glory.

If you are local and can pay a visit to our watch repair shop in London Hatton-Garden or you are not living locally please use our postal service with Repair watch vintage by post, then we will love to meet you and discuss your watch repair requirements with you.

Services we offer:

Particularly for vintage watches, our company provides the following exclusive services.

  • Lugs Repairs
  • Winding watch service
  • Automatic movement repair
  • Glass replacement
  • Dial restoration
  • Crown replacement
  • Stem extension
  • Replacing Hands
  • Resealing of the vintage watch
  • Pressure testing
  • Bracelet repair or replacement
  • Dial replacement
  • Case restoration
  • Re-polishing and refinishing of the metal case and the clasp
  • Dial Repair
  • Full restoration services

Thus if you want your vintage watch to revitalize again, send it to us by post, and we will fix it, ensuring that it is ready to serve the purpose yet.

Our guarantee:

Vintage watch repair near me is not that common, you will not find the vintage watch repairers everywhere, because the contemporary repairing houses lack both the skills and experience required to get these vintage watches back in order. But Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London proudly has master watchmakers, and repairers who understand the working mechanism of these vintage watches and trust us no flaw can escape their vigilant eyes.

We are so sure about the credibility of the services we provide that each repaired watch of ours comes with a one year guarantee. 

So once you have delivered your watch to us, stay sure and calm that your watch is in safe hands and will be provided back to you in a fully functional form.

How to get your watch repaired by us?

So if you have a vintage watch that needs repairing, then get it fixed and give it an ultimate new look by sending it to us by post or if you live locally or work around please just book an appointment with us at our premises in London Hatton-Garden. Why are you still waiting? Get your vintage watch serviced and repaired immediately.

We’re offering the watch repairs both locally and nationally in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), the procedure for the national orders and shipping have been made handy so that we can extend our services to anyone in need anywhere in the UK.

The local customers can visit us at our watch repair shop in London and can discuss the issue with our experts. Our team will provide you with the estimated time it will require to get your watch fixed. The national customers can drop their orders and queries and can get the watch shipped to us safely through the Royal Mail.

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If you have an item of jewellery or a watch that needs to be repaired or serviced please send us a picture and/or a description of your item and we will get back to you with a quotation.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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