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Replate Silver Jewellery

Gold plated and silver plated Jewellery is cost-effective, but if the Jewellery is used regularly, it will end up losing its coating in certain regions. Re-Rhodium Engagement Ring? It seems that your ring got tarnished.

Sometimes even a poor coat done and thin layer can cause your pieces to lose their layer in a matter of months!

Constant wear can cause the coating at the top to wear down, that coupled with our sweat and external pressure, can cause a significant colour change.

Replating Silver jewellery is a bit technical because the jeweller needs to first figure out the base metal for the jewellery item.

 Most commercial forms of the metal can be easily replated, but if your base metal is a mixture, then we will have to spend some time figuring out which plating solution will work.

earring silver replating gold

If your article has any stone embellishments, then they will also have to be checked. Specific stones are not affected by the plating process while others are, and we will have to take all of that into consideration.

The stones might end up losing their colour or even cracking due to the process. If the stone set to your jewellery article is something that can be damaged, then we might remove it before starting the plating process.

Step 1: Polishing before Replating

Before any plating takes place, we will carry out a necessary action which is polishing the jewellery item to make sure that all the previous plating is scrubbed and washed off thoroughly.

Removing all the previous plating is a crucial step because if you re-plate any item without removing the initial plating, then you will have many bumps, and the result will not look as good as it should.


We will remove every single piece of the previous coating through a rigorous process and cleanses the item in multiple distilled water baths to fully ensure that the base metal is clean and free from any chemicals.

Gold Replating cuff bangle

Step 2: The Plating tank for Replating silver items

This step is where the actual work is done. The jeweller, find the solution to put into the tank for your product. The jeweller also prepares the chemical tank for the plating of your product.

The jewellery item is then submerged into tanks that have activated silver or rhodium or a solution of both.

After the item is plated, then it is virtually perfect for use.  We will wipe the items with anti-bacterial wipes before sending them anywhere.

replating silver ring with tank

Best replating service in London

We will be able to do an excellent replating job. It takes years of practice to be able to successfully replate anything well enough so that it lasts longer.

If you get your silver jewellery re-plated you will not have to worry about the polish fading for a long time to come. And your jewellery items will come out looking even better than before!

Type of jewellery that we replate:

-Earring gold replating

-Chain replating

-Silver ring replating

-Pendant replating

-Charms replating

-Replate Costume jewellery

-Bracelets replating ,

-Coins replating,

-Trophies replating,

 -Medals replating,

-Antique jewellery replating,

-Cuff bangle replating service

-Re-rhodium engagement ring

Jewellery replating service by post

We also offer a postal service by mail, simply order your prepaid envelope and we will re-plate your jewellery items.

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