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Ring Repairs

Ring repair by post or Ring repair London

It’s time to give a new aesthetic look to your ring, get best the service in ring repair London.

If you need to get your wedding band, signet ring or any other precious items that needs to get fixed, then use our ring repair services by post and ring repairs online or pop into our workshop in Hatton Garden. 

At Ring Repairs London, we are the number one specialist on ring alteration.

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  •  Fancy diamond ring repairs
  • Ring repair with laser
  • Snapped and ring misshaped
  • Palladium ring repair,
  • Pink gold ring repair,

We are glad to offer a fantastic  service at Ring Repairs London. If your pink gold ring is damaged or broken, we will be happy to help and repair your beautiful item back to its original condition.

Best ring refurbishment in London

It’s very simple because if you have any issue with your Gold ring, damaged ring or snapped? Our ring refurbishment service will bring your engagement ring back to life.

You will be very surprised with the outcome as we have the number one ring refurbishment service.

We can repair any type of ring, signet ring, cluster, five stones diamonds, and we carry out all the jewellery repairs at our workshop in Hatton Garden, London.

Metal Work on Ring

We are providing several services and metal works on rings that need repair. They are as follows:

  • Whether you have to solder your separate rings together or to reshape or remake them, our experts and jewellery repair professionals can do the service for you.

Basically, we can mend and fix any kind of ring damage. You name it, and we can do it. The cost of each service is different. It depends on the type of service and the type of metal of the ring.

  • Signet ring repair, adding metal and signet ring  with intagaglio.
Get in touch with us

Feel free to book an appointment with us or simply order a prepaid insured envelope and use ring repair by post and ring repair online we will carry the repair for you with top quality.

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