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Jewellery Cleaning Service

At London Jewellery Cleaning, we care for your jewellery. It’s important to keep jewellery nice and clean.

You have been wearing your jewellery items for years, and some of your jewellery items such as  pendant, bracelet or diamond ring may not have had any professional cleaning services.

Jewellery cleaning

Whether it’s an antique ring, diamond solitaire ring, necklace or chain that needs to be cleaned.

Be sure that we are the number one specialist in Jewellery Cleaning in London Hatton Garden. 

Emerald cluster ring cleaning

There are three cleaning types of equipment that we use to deep clean jewellery at our workshop:

Ultrasonic cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaner is a tank that contains a unique cleaning solution, and with the help of sound waves, generates small bubbles. 

These bubbles are tiny and microscopic in nature, which helps them get into all the bumps and crevices. 

They can get into all the small crevices that would otherwise be impossible to reach. And this helps clean out all the dirt and grime from those areas leaving those areas clean and bacteria-free.

Ultrasonic cleaning jewellery

Steam cleaner for Jewellery

The steam cleaning method requires a highly concentrated blast of hot steam on the jewellery.

The concentration and intensity are controlled by a nozzle.

The steam can wash and clean away any dirt that is left behind by the ultrasonic cleaner.

In order to polish Jewellery, polishing motors are used to remove all marks and dents from your jewellery, after using different wheels with different grades, we will be able to achieve a shiny texture to your jewellery.

At Jewellery Cleaning and Polishing London we clean and polish all types of jewellery:

  • All types of jewellery polishing and cleaning
  • All types of silversmithing polishing
  • Antique jewellery cleaning
  • Bracelet cleaning
  • Brooch
  • Charms polishing
  • Diamond ring cleaning and polishing
  • Earring cleaning and polishing
  • Emerald cluster cleaning
  • Halo diamond polishing
  • Polishing vintage jewellery
  • Silver Polishing
  • Victorian ring cleaning
  • Watch bracelet cleaning
  • White Gold Polishing
  • Antique Jewellery Polishing
  • Bracelet cleaning
Polishing Jewellery

How to get your Jewellery cleaning service by us?

If you have any jewellery that needs cleaning or polishing, feel free to book an appointment with us. Our Jewellery repair shop is located in the heart of Hatton Garden in London.

If you cannot pop into our jewellery repair shop, you can simply use or Jewellery Cleaning by Post or Jewellery Polishing by post.

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