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Antique ring repair & restoration

Antique ring repair by post or Antique ring repair London

 We are specialises in antique ring repair and Edwardian jewellery repair, Victorian ring restoration.

The antique ring repairs will be carried at our workshop in Hatton Garden, or in case you are busy and you haven’t got the time to come to our workshop, please use our service Antique Ring Repair by Post, Antique ring repair online.

At Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London, we are devoted to repair and restore antique jewellery and antique rings. 

Antique rings get worn out or get dents, scratches after being used for years. It is necessary to give them a new life. 

If you have inherited some antique jewellery from your relatives or just love antique rings and collect them and your rings need restoration or repair, then we are here to help you out.

Antique ring repair london or antique ring repair by post

Your old ring might need one of the following services:

  • Antique ring repair London
  • Art Deco Ring repair
  • Art nouveau ring repair
  • Edwardian ring repair
  • French antique ring repair
  • Gemstones replacement
  • Georgian antique ring repair
  • Missing milgrain recreation
  • Napoleon ring repair
  • Old cut diamond replacement, 
  • Rebuild Galleries and support on Antique ring 
  • Antique ring repair near me
  • Antique ring alteration
  • Rebuilding bent or crushed antique ring
  •  Antique gold ring 14 carats repair
  • Repair 9 Carats gold Antique ring
  • Antique gold ring restoration
  • Antique platinum ring repair
  • Re-secured the setting antique ring
  • Ring restoration
  • Antique ring repair by post
  • Victorian ring repair
  • Ring restoration near me
  • Russian antique ring repair
  • Antique ring repair
  • Victorian Engagement ring repair
  • Victorian ring repair
  • Antique ring repair online
  •  Edwardian natural pearl and diamond navette-shaped ring repair
Ring restoration

The most common issue that we see with ring restoration is when the antique ring is misshapen or snapped due to the gold getting worn. We love  service especially when it comes to antique jewellery. All our ring restorations get a complimentary polishing. Your ring will look like new.

We will re-solder the gold ring, platinum ring or any types of precious metal. We also carry out our ring restoration service with laser soldering. 

Restore your old jewellery with us

We can repair any antique ring or vintage ring from any type of metal (18k gold, 14k gold, 9k Gold,Platinum, silver). We believe in our craftsmanship and are proud of the number of antique rings that we have repaired and restored.

Feel free to get in touch with us with any queries.  We carry out checks for your antique ring:

-If it needs our service Antique ring repair,

-if it needs a ring alteration,

Our ring check is a free service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Get your antique ring repaired with us or completely restored by simply booking an appointment with us at our Jewellery workshop in Hatton Garden London.  We also use a postal service with Antique Ring repair by post with the Royal mail special delivery.

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