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Pocket Watch Repair

There can be more than 100 reasons why your Swiss, French, English and American pocket watches don’t run anymore. At least one of its 200 pieces might be broken, rusted, miscalibrated, not original, inappropriately adjusted, ungreased, or just worn with time. 

Pocket Watch Repair by post or Pocket Watch Repair London

Somewhere between 1880 and 1960, 300 million pocket and locket watches for both men and women were created from almost 1300 varied movement models. By any chance, if your Swiss, French, English and American pocket watch falls between these years and needs to run once again. You’ve discovered the exact page for the repair and service.

Fix your Gold Pocket Watch

We are proud to claim that we specialize in the broader area of pocket watch repair and restoration in London but also Pocket Watch repair by post.

Gold pocket watch repair

Our specialized and expert watchmakers can work on any timepiece from basic pocket watch systems to the verge, fusee, and repeater movements.

Pocket Watch restoration is a captivating but not a simple task. Diagnosing precisely, the mechanical issues of your watch over the internet isn’t straightforward. Most watch issues are analysed while being completely disassembled for fine-tuning.  

Pocket watch repair shops near me

Fixing a pocket watch that could be 150 years of age requires an immense measure of information and mastery to guarantee the decency of the timepiece is held.

This might be through ensuring that the right degree of reclamation is applied, and providing any new parts are placed into the component delicately.

antique pocket watch restoration

On pocket watch, it exists around 8 types of different adjustment:

  • Pendant right.
  • Dial up.
  • Pendant up.
  • Pendant left.
  • Temperature (from 34–100 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Isochronism
  • Dial down.
  • Pendant down

Pocket Watch Repair, Restoration & Refurbishment

Sometimes, our skilled watchmaker may need to hand-make the necessary part that requires outstanding aptitude.

After using the underlying skills to thoroughly evaluate what is needed in order to re-establish your pocket watch to its previous marvel, our experts will be able to ultimately guide you about the present condition of your pocket watch.

We, for most of the time, find that the pocket watches have not been utilized for quite a long time, and as you can envision, bringing any instrument that has been used for this long requires a lot of mastery.

To fully restore your pocket watch, if a new part must be required to replace, the degree of flexibility available in that case is exceptionally low.

The watchmaker needs to choose and place the right part again. And we are very proud to claim that we have skilled watchmakers for this task, and only experienced workers like ours should own the endeavour of rebuilding your vintage and antique pocket watches. 

What do we expertise in for Pocket Watch and Restoration?

  • Antique Pocket Watches before 1900 
  • Pocket Watches after 1900 
  • Fusee Movements 
  • Gold Pocket watch repair
  • Verge Escapement Movements 
  • Miniature Pocket and Fob Watches 
  • Vintage Pocket Watch Repair
  • French Pocket Watch Repair

We will consider for restoration and repair, any high-grade manual wind Swiss , French, English and American pocket watches, with a minimum of 7 jewels, from the following manufacture:

  • Ball,
  • Columbus Watch Company,
  • Elgin,
  • Hamilton,
  • Hampden,
  • Howard,
  • Howard Watch Co,
  • Illinois,
  • Peoria Watch co.,
  • Rockford,
  • Seth Thomas,
  • South Bend,
  • United States Watch Co,
  • US Watch Co,
  •  Waltham,
  • Savonette with cathedral hands,
  • Any type of gold pocket watch
  • Any type of silver pocket watch
  • Vacheron Constantin,
  • Patek Philippe Calibre 89,
  • Hunter & Half-Hunter Pocket watches,
  • W. Benson swiss made, half hunter
  • Thos. Russell & Son, Liverpool. Hunter. C1880
  • Jaeger
  • LeCoultre
  • Jaeger LeCoultre
  • Record Lagaros, Half Hunter
  • Omega Labrador Hunter
  • Ottoman Hunter
  • Swiss Pocket Watch. c1890
  • Longines
  • Doxa G.S.T.P Pocket Watch
  • Omega. 1915 SOLD
  • G. Graves
  • Rotherhams. 1883
  • W. Benson. Swiss Made
  • Recta, Swiss Made
  • Thomas Russell & Sons
  • Samuel
  • H.J. Norris
  • Dodane
  • Leroy
  • Breguet
  • Louis Benjamin Audemars
  • Piaget
  • Jean-Antoine Lépine
  • Rolex

Jaeger LeCourltre Pocket watch Repair Specialist

Our specialized watchmakers have more than 65 years’ experience of fixing and re-establishing antique and vintage pocket watches to the most significant level.

We are one of a handful of experienced and skilled specialists in the UK to have our skilled watchmakers.

So, when you leave your pocket watch at our workshop for repair, we assure you that it is done within our studio, instead of being sent away to an outsider. 

jaeger lecoultre pocket watch repair

We are specialists in the restoration of Swiss pocket watches

Whatever style of pocket watch you have, regardless of whether it’s a Hunter, Half-Hunter, or open face, we have the mastery to re-establish and revamp the case and complete any movement repair.

We are honoured to have extraordinarily skilled dial restorers of the UK in our team, so you can be sure that any dial restoration work is completed to an outstandingly standard. 

We assure you that from the minute we get your pocket watch, we will handle it with great care and precision.

We are sure that you will be pleased with the outcomes, but just in case we offer a one year guarantee for all our repair services.

In case you have an antique heirloom placed in your drawer waiting to be repaired, there will be no better chance than now to get it fixed.

 Don’t hesitate to bring your Pocket watch into our Jewellery Watch Repair and Restoration London workshop in Hatton-Garden or use our Pocket Watch Repair by Post.

 We couldn’t imagine anything better than to meet you and examine your Pocket watch to fix repair requirements with you. 


Kindly don’t hesitate for a second to get in touch with us with any inquiries regarding our administration and services.

Once you specify the type of service needed, we will walk you through the whole process from the initial examination and quotation. Our services are very reliable and trustworthy.

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