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Rose Gold Plating

Rose gold plating service

London Rose gold plating is an excessive way to add color and opulence to a piece of Jewellery. 

This year the ‘must-have’ color is rose gold, which is gold alloy mixed with a hint of copper to give a beautifully warm rosy hue.

It stands out perfectly against the brightness of silver, whereas yellow gold with silver contrast can look cold or, even worse, not show the definition of the design. Rose gold also looks fabulous against most skin tones.

Ring Rose gold plated

What is rose gold plating?

Gold that is alloyed with copper is called rose gold. The alloy is sometimes also known as red gold or pink gold to differentiate between the different alloys of rose gold.

Plating or ‘electroplating’ is the technique to cover the surface of Jewellery with a microscopic layer of metal using a chemical process and electricity. 

Stones are not affected by this process as it is metal against metal reaction, so wedding rings containing diamonds can be plated easily and fairly cheaply without the expense of removing the stones.

Plating machine for rose gold plating

So, rose gold plating is plating any base metal with a layer of rose gold. The depth of the plating depends on the item, the cost, and also anticipated wear and tear.  The thicker the plating, the longer-lasting the finish will be.

Most of our rose gold Jewellery has been plated between 1 micron to 3 microns deep. 

The thicker plating is used for items such as rings that get the most wear and tear, whereas drop earrings will get the least wear.

We are providing the rose gold plating in different karat rose gold, i.e., 9k, 18k, etc. depending on your demand.

Rose gold plating is a novel addition to our plating services.

It offers a unique luxurious finish to your Jewellery. Hard gold plating is strong and can be applied to all precious Jewellery and non-precious metals.

We also now offer a very hard-wearing Rose gold color of up to 10 microns in thickness. This solution offers a bright pink color with excellent corrosion and tarnishes resistance.

Once your Jewellery is rose plated. It is needed to take care of it to last the plating for longer. To keep your plated Jewellery looking its best, keep it in a soft cloth bag when in storage and, if necessary, give it a gentle wash with warm, soapy water (washing up liquid) and rinse thoroughly.

Dry carefully in a warm room away from direct heat.  Buff and polish any silver sections using a silver cloth, as necessary.  Lightly polish the plated sections if needed, but be gentle.

Avoid snagging any tiny stones with the cloth.

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