Tennis Bracelet Repair and Bracelet Repair Services

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Repair London

Is your favorite diamond bracelet broken? Or snapped? Bracelets, whether worn as an ornament, are usually a symbol of awareness of a religious or cultural purpose that can be very fragile and break easily.

Can a tennis bracelet be repaired?

We are th UK’s leading company for diamond tennis Repair and Restoration London provides specialist’s services to repair any type of bracelet damage.

We value your emotions and feelings attached to your bracelet. Therefore, we have combined many years’ experience and professionals under one roof just for you. Art deco diamond tennis repair and Restoration London is a well equipped Hatton Garden’s jewellery workshop dedicated to jewellery repair in London.

Diamond bracelet types we work

We work with metal bracelets like silver, yellow Gold (9 Carats, 14 Carats, 18 Carats), white Gold (9 Carats, 14 Carats, 18 Carats), and platinum and can fix almost any design to its original form. Whether it is of any type:, bangles, beaded, charm, link, penannular, slap, sports, or Diamond tennis, Art deco bracelet repair, we work with all models. 

Whether your bracelet is an antique, a family heirloom, or a valued tennis bracelet, you can trust us with our services. We will value and treasure your jewellery piece as you do and will repair it in safe and experienced hands. 

We provide the following fine bracelet repairing (signed) facilities at  Antique diamond tennis  repair and restoration London: 

  • Diamond replacement on tennis bracelet
  • Prongs repairs
  • Stones setting
  • Claws repairs
  • Adding metal
  • Sapphire replacement
  • Art Deco diamond tennis bracelet repair
  • Tiffany & Co diamond bracelet repair
  • Lacloche frères bracelet repair
  • Line bracelet repair
  • Gold bracelet repair near me
  • Emerald replacement on bracelet
  • Vintage Gemolithos Loannis line diamond repair
  • Van Cleef & Arpels Art Deco Diamond, Ruby restoration
  • Oscar heyman bracelet restoration
  • Vintage platinum French Art deco clasp repair
  • Vintage Jakob Bengel line bracelet repair
  • Victorian diamond bracelet
  • Bracelet repair online
  • Bracelet repair by post

Can a diamond tennis bracelet be shortened?

Yes it can be done, we are definitely the master in resizing Diamond tennis bracelet in London.

Tennis bracelets are beautiful and stunning pieces of wrist jewellery. Diamond tennis bracelets come in a wide range of styles and clasp types.

They are the best choice for an active and sporty lifestyle because of their lightweight and flexible design.

These beautiful jewellery pieces are custom made according to the wrist size and demand of the customer to make sure they are not too loose to snag or too tight to pinch the wrist. 

But what if, despite all the care, the safety clasp comes open or degrades with time or break. Diamond tennis bracelet repair London provide the best services to repair any kind of damage to your tennis bracelet.

We provide the following tennis bracelet repair services:

Clasp Repair:

The box clasp is commonly used on a tennis bracelet. It has a tongue that projects inside the slot in the box. Frequent damages to the clasp include the loosen up the clasp, or too tight clasp to close and open, or the extra security latches are not working correctly. Especially on Art Deco bracelet repair.

These clasp’s problems are a bit tricky to repair, and Tennis bracelet repair  London provide the best services and expertise to fix any kind of tennis bracelet clasp. Whether it is the spring-ring clasp, lobster clasp, or barrel clasp, we have our best services across the nation to repair any type of fastener.

Chain Soldering:

if your tennis bracelet has snapped we are providing our soldering and laser services to fix it with high precision.

Our experts carefully connect the two pieces with a soft metal alloy that works as a glue to repair your article as it was never broken.

Then our workshop’s professional repairers give your bracelet a quick polish to restore it to a whole new look, and you can trust us with our services. It is what we do best. 

if a stone falls out of your tennis bracelet our professional repairers can easily reset the stone securely. If the stone is missing, we can replace the stone as well.

Our experts examine the other stones in the bracelet to determine the characteristics of the stone, i.e., its clarity, colour, size, etc. to choose the best replacement for you. 

Bracelet repair online

We provide one years’ guarantee for any kind of repair work. All Tennis bracelet repair and restoration London‘s customers count on us to carry out the repairs that no other jewellery shops offer, and we are proud of this. So, if you have any broken or snapped or damaged bracelets, contact us to get a free quotation for all broken bracelets, book an appointment to visit us or use our service Jewellery by Post, tennis bracelet repairs by Post and tennis bracelet repair online.

We are providing our services for bracelet repair across the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). You can visit our gold repair shop with your damaged or broken bracelet for a free inspection and a free repair quotation. Our professionals inspect each piece individually before you give them to us for repair.  

How to send your tennis bracelet repairs by Post?

We recommend you send your items via our prepaid postal service with the royal mail, where your goods will be insured up to £500. Also, read our posting instructions and policy before posting your custom jewellery to us.

How is the payment made?

Payments will be made either via debit card or credit card or bank transfer, cheque, or cash. For further details, please contact us and read our payment and assessment policy as well.