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Longines Watch Repair

Longines Repair and Service by Post or Longines Repair and Service London

For many years our company has been providing the repair and maintenance service for Longines watches. Longines Repair by Post if you live far from us.

Due to the increasing demands, our Longines Watch Repairs and Servicing  London owns a unique tool and Longines watch parts to deal with each sort for Longines repairs.


Our Longines service center is thus capable of providing our valuable customers the valuable repairing services for watches.

According to our company’s terms of services, we are ensuring the quality and integrity of your watch repair service. So, all the replacement Longines watch parts during the repairing process are original so that they can serve your purpose well.

The use of high-quality original components also ensures the long life of the watch after the repair has been done. 

Our watch expert horologist in Hatton-Garden makes sure that when your watch is delivered back to you, it is brand new, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic appearance if you desire to get Longines refurbishment , Longines Case Restoration, Longines Watch Restoration.

Longines Repairing process:

Our services are oriented towards providing the customers with the best quality so that their trust and money are both valued.

If you specify the service you want to have, our watch maker will get it resolved and will hand it over to you according to the time limit that has been provided by the company.

However, if you are not so sure about the actual cause of the discrepancy, then you can generally opt for the complete service and maintenance.

Our watch technicians will not only thoroughly examine your watch but will fix all the issues that might be present or if your Longines watch is susceptible to attaining them in the future.

Services provided by us:

In regards to the Longines watch repairs, our professionals have repaired hundreds of such watches with outstanding dedication and credibility. The more complex and intricate the internal machinery, watch movement of your Longines watch model is, the more it gets interesting for the vigilant repairers.

However, if you think that the watch you wish to get repaired requires further services and maintenance just discuss it with us, our credible professional repairers must devise a customized solution for solving your problem. 

Here our company, in the years of experience, has provided the following services:

  • Fixing the dismantled cases of Longines watches
  • Cleaning the metal casing, watch case polishing
  • Vintage Longines repair and service
  • Longines Watch restoration
  • Glass repair on Longines
  • Adjusting, resizing or replacing the metal bracelet
  • Assembling of the disassembled watch dial, glass, and crown
  • Restoring the waterproofing of your watch
  • Dismantling and repairing the movement of the Longines watch 
  • Tuning the Longines watch for obtaining the best precision
  • Pressure testing for checking the waterproofing of the watch
  • Longines Servicing winding movement
  •  Servicing Automatic movement for Longines
  • Servicing Quartz Longines
Longines Gold Watch Repair

After providing all these services, at last, comes the time for the final quality check. Each repaired piece is tested on various quality ensuring parameters before dispatching it to you. The dedication and utter honesty call for the trust of our valuable customers.

Which Longines modele have we repaired and Serviced?

  •  Vintage Longines ultronic date 9ct gold,
  • Longines La Grande Classic,
  • Longines GrandeVitesse Chronograph L3.637.4.50.0
  • Longines Dolce Vita
  • Longines Heritage
  • Longines La grande classique
  • Longines Les grandes classiques
  • Longines prima luna
  • Longines Art Deco diamond and platinum or white gold
  • Longines Chronograph
  • Longines flagship automatic gold
  • Longines mystery dial diamond watch
  • Longines Whittnauer Mans Solid 14kt
  • Art deco Ladies  “Longines” cal.1026 1930’S
  • Longines Cosmopolitan

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At Longines  Watch Repairs & Service London, we are also expert in repairing Longines service.

Book an appointment with us for a free assessment, Longines Watch repair near me at our Watch Repair Shop in Hatton-Garden, London or use our postal service, Watch repair by Post with Longines Watch Repair by Post. 

Bring your Vintage Longinesto us for an expert examination and free quotation at our workshop in London, Hatton-Garden for the service being provided in the future. Feel free to contact us for further queries related to our administration or assistance. We can assure you the best on Longines repair in London and replacement according to the manufacturer’s brand at a reasonable price. If you cannot come to our watch repair shop, you can use our speedy service with Longines Watch repair by Post.

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