Diamond and Gemstones Setting

We are experts in  all types of diamond setting and gems setting, over the years with the experience we have acquired we have managed to repair rings with diamond setting, mill grains designs with intricate setting and repair jewellery with invisible setting.

Best Diamond Setting Service

At Diamond Setting London is an expert diamond and gemstone setting, stones setting, diamond resetting.  If you have a jewellery item with an Intricate setting this is not a problem for us.  

We carry out all the different types of stones setting in our workshop in Hatton Garden, London.

For example you  have sourced your diamond or precious gems somewhere else and you would like it set into a jewellery piece, a platinum ring, a ring or earring  enlisting a highly skilled emerald setter then we would be delighted to help and provide our London diamond setting services, precious gemstones setting.

We glad to say that we are able to set any stones:

  • Opal Resetting
  • Emerald Resetting
  • Rubies Setting
  • Red garnet Resetting
  • Citrine Resetting
  • Tanzanite Resetting
  • Peridots Resetting
  • Mother pearl Resetting
  • Diamonds Setting
  • Garnet Setting
  • Amethyst Setting
  • Aquamarine Setting
  • Moonstone Setting
  • Peridot Setting
  • Sapphire Setting
  • Tourmaline Setting
  • Topaz Setting
  • Blue Sapphire Setting
  • Red Ruby Setting
  • Tiffany Setting
diamond setting
emerald setting

We are pleased to confirm that we also offer our stone service by the post.  You can book an appointment with us and we will discuss your stone setting requirements.

We will discuss where to set the diamond and also give the best advice about which type of diamond setting would be most suitable and give the best brilliance for your valuable jewellery.

At Diamond Setting London Repairs and Restoration  we love perfection:

The success of production depends on the attention paid to detail”.

We perform all the diamond and gem setting services in our workshop in Hatton Garden, London.

Here are all the types of diamond setting or gems setting you can expect from us:

-Pave setting

-Micro pave setting

-Channel setting

-Claw setting

-Prong setting

-Bezel Setting

-Tiffany Setting

-Vintage engagement ring settings only

-Earring settings for loose stones

-Antique ring setting

-Diamond resetting

-Gipsy setting

-Rub over setting

-Bezel setting

-Invisible setting jewellery repair

-Rub over setting

-Halo setting


-Engagement ring settings

-Tension setting

-Resetting diamond Heirloom

 -Emerald resetting

Stones Setting- FaQ

Give us a short description of the stone you would like to set or reset. We deal with all kinds of diamonds and gemstones. 

We are offering a diamond setting service by post and Gemstones setting online.

Once you submit the order and we receive it by post, our team of experts check your jewellery and stone to replace or fix it with great care to your utmost satisfaction.

Our service will set your loose diamond back into your ring, necklace, bracelet or watch, etc. starting from £25 per diamond. 

The setting cost also depends:

– On the type of the stone to be set,

– The types of setting,

– The position of the stone or a center stone

– The size of your diamond or gemstones

If your gemstones are loose from your ring, necklace, bracelet, or any type of jewellery our gemstone setting service will fix this for you. The gemstone setting starts from £25+VAT.