Brooch Repair

Brooch repair by post or Brooch repair London

Brooches have never been out of fashion. Throughout history, large brooches have either been used in the necklaces or as the adornments on the fabrics. As soon as the jewellery trends have changed throughout history, likewise, the brooches have changed. From the large and weighty gold brooches, the jewellery trends have come up to the delicate brooches with the engraved diamonds and pearls.

Victorian brooch repair

You have a brooch to be repaired; you always have the choice at Brooch Repairs and Restoration London. Whether it is a broken Victorian brooch, brooch pin or soldering any dislodged parts, with our laser soldering machine, we can carry out brooch repairs and solder any part of your broken brooch with precision. You can send it by post with our service Brooch repair by post or pop into our workshop in Hatton Garden, London.

Antique Brooches fully repaired

Beautiful brooches, diamond Brooches, Antique Brooch, Pearl Brooches get damaged after the years of wearing them.

Here are the types of repairs or restoration works that needs to be done :

  • Brooch new pins replacement silver
  • Safety catch, ball joint, and pin fastenings replacement,
  • Pin missing on a beautiful 18 carats brooch from Art nouveau epoque.
  • Brooches new pins replacement base metals
  • Repair the clasp of the Brooch
  • Roller safety replacement on silver,
  • Bar brooches repairing the claws
  • Repair the pin as the pin is broken on the Brooch
  • Hinges are damaged, mostly in Gold, silver or Platinum
  • Old cut diamond missing on the Brooch
  • Gemstones stones missing out on the Brooch
  • Brooch new pins replacement 9ct gold
  • Repair enamel on a brooch
  • Roller safety catches replacement base metal
  • Safety catch missing
  • Soldering clasp
  • Brooch pins bent
  • Antique Brooches restoration
  • Art Deco Brooches broke or misshaped
  • Art nouveau brooch that needs re-engraving
  • Brooch new pins replacement 18ct gold,
  • Roller safety replacement on silver,
  • Pinchbeck alloy
  • Pinchbeck Brooch
  • Victorian Brooch repair London
  • Brooch repair London
  • Art deco brooch restoration
  • Georgian Brooch repair
  • Jewelry repair shop near me
  • Gold repair shop
  • French brooche repair
  • Cameo brooch repair
  • Napoleonic brooch repair
  • French brooch repair
  • French brooch repair
  • Vintage brooch repair
  • Silver brooches
  • Victorian brooch clasps
  • Brooch pin
  • Georgian brooch restoration
  • White gold brooch restoration
  • Edwardian brooch repair


How to fix a loose brooch clasp?

We are glad to confirm that we can repair any type of brooch which will be carried by professional jewellers. Through years of experience, our experts can remodel or repair any kind of brooch. If you want to alter it, then you can also use our remodeling services.

Due to the increasing demand, we are offering both the local repairing in London, Hatton Garden. However, if you live far or you don’t have time to show in at our gold shop repair, you can send it to us by post and can fill your requirements in the form.

Our experts will contact you and will discuss the repairing services with you. Additionally, we also tell customers the approximate time and budget required for the repair. 

Feel convenient to book an appointment with us, and we will provide a free estimation on a brooch to get it repaired at our workshop in Hatton Garden, London