Watch refurbishment by Watch Restoration London

 Watch Refurshiment London is happy to provide you watch refurbishment facilities. We can refurb any watch or  restore any watch whether it needs stained finished, polished stainless steel, or solid gold, platinum, white Gold. 

We have expertise in all of them, book an appointment with us at our London workshop or use our postal service Watch refurbishment by post, Watch case restoration by post.

We can refurbish your watch to any level, i.e., from regular cleaning and polishing of the watch case to a full refurbishment to make your watch as new as when you just bought it.

Watch Refurbishment London uses specialized watch refurbishment tools and techniques depending on the type of metal of your watch and stones if it has diamonds set on the case to restore and refurbish your watch case back to his original condition.

Our services in London are extraordinary, and our prices are fair as compared to others. You can trust us in terms of our expertise and refurbishment services, Watch case restoration if your watches have lost shine with time

Rolex refurbishment

Rolex watch refurbishment process

No need to worry at all, we take joy in making your stained watches shine again

When it comes to removing scratches from the wrist band, we buff and polish your watch ultrasonically with high precision to clean and shine it correctly. It empowers us to achieve the best possible results that reach behind metalwork and underneath stones.

We have only the highest quality of watch refurbishment and watch buffering tools and equipment to make sure the best results every time. If your watch is in a terrible condition and if it is necessary, we can entirely strip-down watches, remove crowns, bezels, and pushers to achieve the best possible polishing results.

Dial restoration

In exceptional cases, we also offer dial restoration services. If you have a family heirloom timepiece and the dial has got rusty or blemished, we can restore it for you as it was new. The results after restoration are magnificent and incredible, and you will surely agree with us after using our specialized services.

You must choose Watch Repair & Restoration London to add value to your watch as we have top of the range watch refurbishment equipment.

It makes us the best choice when it comes to watch refurbishment or watch case restoration and we are proud of our services and high skilled horologist technician and watch case restorer.

Vacheron Constantin watch & Omega vintage watch
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Watch Case refurbishment

Best Watch Repair London are proud to provide you following refurbishment services:

  • Laser on watch case
  • Watch Case refurbishment by post
  • Rolex watch Case and clasp refurbishment
  • Hand refurbishment
  • Brushed finish
  • Watch High polish finish
  • Sandblasted finish
  • Dial restoration
  • Watch Case Restoration by post
  • Rolex case restoration
  • Cartier case restoration
  • Watch Case and Bracelet Refinishing
  • Watch bezel cleaning
  • Pocket Watches restoration
  • Gilding of Clock Cases
  • Art deco watch case repair
  • Tank case watch restoration
  • Elgin case restoration
  • Gold Plate watch case
  • Watch Case and wrist band refurbishment
  • Omega fully refurbishment
  • Vacheron Constantin gold case repair
  • Watch case refurbishment near me
  • Vacheron Constantin watch case restoration
  • Breitling refurbishment
  • Vintage watches refurbishment

Postal service and Hatton Garden service

If you need any of the services mentioned above, bring your item to our watch repair shop in London Hatton Garden. Once you specify the type of service required, we will walk you through the whole process from the initial examination and quotation to the refurbishment procedure.

Our services are very reliable and trustworthy. You can check some of the work we have done on our Journal watch case restoration. 

Please book an appointment at our London workshop in London or use the postal service.