Chains, Necklace, Bracelets, and Charms Repairs & Restoration

If you need to have your chain repair, necklace repair, or charms to get fixed, you have  find the right place and  Chains, Necklace, Charms Repairs London and Restoration to be able to provide this service.


Chain repair

Our workshop is located at London Hatton Garden, and you can use our amazing chain repairing service,  antique chains repairs and restoration.

How to fix a broken chain?

No matter whether your chain is broken, faded, tarnished, or has missing pearls, It will not be an issue for us to repair it. Book an appointment, and we will be happy to help if you do not have the time please send it to with our Chains Repairs by Post.

Types of chains that we have repaired so far

  • Silver trace chains,
  • 9ct & 18 ct trace chains,
  • Silver Curb and Gold Curb
  • Gold Padlock & Silver Padlock
  • Diamond Curb Chains repairs (Gold 9Ct, 18ct Gold, silver)
  • Belcher Chain
  • Albert Chains for pocket watch repairs
  • Silver Chain repair, 
  • Gold Chain repair
  • Platinum chain soldering 
  • Gold and Silver Snake repairs
  • Gold and Rhodium plating on chains
  • Franco Chains Repairs
  • Catch replacement,
  • Lobster clasp replacement and repairs
  • Byzantine Chains repairs
  • Italian chains repairs
  • Cuban links repair
Gold chains repairs

Let us fixed your chain

Charms repair

We can repair any types or charms, broken charms, snapped gold chains, links missing on charm, snapped missing, antique charms repairs, charms restoration.

Let’s understand what’s a charm?

A charm is a sort of bracelet which can carries some kinds of personal ornament called charms. They are indeed decorative pendant. Most of the time, ladies wear charms for decorative purpose. The owner of a charm has a got a personal attachment as it can represent so many sentimental value.

It can be a type of amulet, or something to protect for the bad luck.

We can trace back charms back to Assyrian time, Ancient Egypt.

For example, Queen Victoria used to wear bracelet charms and at this time. Charms were fashionable among the nobles and high class in Europe.

Best Charms Repairs in London

Types of Charms Bracelet we have repaired

antique charms repairs
  • Antique Charms bracelet repair
  • Victorian charms repair
  • Art Deco Charm Bracelet repair
  • Pandora Charms
  • Art nouveau bracelet charms restoration and repairs
  • Italian charm bracelet
  • French Antique charms repairs
  • Link Charm Bracelets fixing
  • Snake Charm Bracelets
  • Gold Charm Bracelets repairs
  • Silver charm bracelet
  • Tiffany and Co bracelet Charms repair
  • Charms Repairs and Restoration
  • Cartier Charms bracelet repair
  • Chanel Charms repairs
  • Vintage Charms bracelet

Necklace repair

We have been the specialist for years in fine jewellery repairs in London. We are proud to have no issue and we can repair or restored any types of necklaces.

What's the difference between a chain and a necklace?

A chain and necklace are very different, a chain is a cable that goes around the neck. A necklace has got a decorative piece which can be a pendant attached, or some gemstones or diamond which are all linked together. That’s what we call a necklace. Those items are more precious than a simple chain.

For instance, Diamond necklace are mainly made out precious metal as Gold, Silver and Platinum.

Necklace repaired over the years at our London workshop

Firstly it’s important to make secure your necklace, in order to provide the best service.

Types of necklace that we have fixed

Antique Diamond necklace repair Platinum, art nouveau
  • Silver necklace
  • Gold necklace repair
  • Antique necklace restoration
  • Edwardian necklace repair
  • Art Deco necklace repair
  • Princess necklace
  • Matinee necklace
  • Rope necklace
  • Lariat necklace
  • Tiffany Necklace
  • Diamond Necklace
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Napoleonic-era Necklace restoration
  • Cartier Necklace
  • Art Nouveau Necklace
  • Georgian Necklace
  • Emerald necklace
Edwardian necklace restoration works

Let's fix your jewellery with laser

The laser soldering and the inculcation of the modern techniques have helped us to earn this reputable position. Hundreds of our customers have got their necklaces and chains repaired by us. By now, you must be insured that we can fix any type of chains, charms, hollow chain, solid chains.

Why choose Jewellery Repair London & Restoration

At jewellery repair near me can fix the intricate problems of your delicate chains and pendants. Through our years of experience, our repairers have earned a remarkable experience.

Additionally, necklace repair near me owns all the necessary machinery required for fixing your chains, charm and necklace.

Thus if your chain or pendant needs repairing, then we will replace it with quality stones and precious metal so that they come along well with already existing ones. Our Jewellery repair service has a fast turnaround and will also let you know how long the repair will take.

Cost of Necklace Repair – Chain Repair- Charms repairs

Price depending on the type of precious metalStarting from £25

Why are you still waiting? Get your chain serviced immediately without putting a strain on your wallet.

Jewellery repair near me

So if you have a pendant, necklace, chain and charms that needs restoring, then get it fixed and give it an ultimate new look by sending it to us.

We are offering the chain, Charms, Necklace repairs both locally, and throughout London, the procedure for order placement and shipping have been made handy so that we can extend our services to all in the U.K with our postal jewellery by post.


The local customers can visit our outlet and can discuss with our experts. Our team will provide you with the estimated time it will require to get your Jewellery fixed.