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Cartier Watch Repair and Service

Cartier Watch Repair by Post or Cartier watch Repair London

At Cartier Watch Repair and Restoration London, we routinely service Cartier watches back to showroom standard. We are experts in giving Cartier servicing, Cartier watch repair London, Cartier watch Repair near me, Cartier watch Repair by Post or watch repair online and servicing for both current and vintage Cartier models.

We have an exceptionally reliable cost and services for Cartier battery, reseal, and pressure tests, Cartier automatic movement repair, Cartier quartz service, Cartier winding movement service. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discover more. 

We frequently work with vintage Cartier watches. 

Feel free to contact for initial examination by booking an appointment with us at our London Workshop Hatton-Garden, or simply use our watch repair by Post and have confidence that our watchmakers‘ comprehension of vintage timepieces guarantees the rebuilding of your Cartier watch back to its unique style and appearance. 

Our watch experts just utilize unique Cartier watch parts, to take your timepiece back to excellent working condition.

Our watchmakers can combine conventional horological techniques with the most recent latest technologies supported plan while working together with a variety of experts, permitting us to re-produce customized segments that most other repairers would think about challenging to recreate.

Cartier watch illustration

Watch repair shop in London Hatton Garden has the most recent tools to guarantee all our work is done to the best expectations

What services do we provide?

  • Battery replacement, resealing and pressure testing
  • Quartz movement service
  • Dial restoration and repair
  • Bracelet and strap repair or replacement
  • Full watch movement service
  • Restoration of the case, including polishing and refinishing
  • Glass replacement- mineral, sapphire or acrylic
  • Modern and vintage Cartier watch repair
  • Vintage Cartier restoration
  • Watch repair online
  • Cartier service
  • Watch repairs near me

What happens during Complete Cartier Watch Repair Services?

Cartier Complete Service involves a full check of the mechanical workings of your Cartier watch. A complete service is vital when a watch has not been checked for several years, or its mechanism no longer works correctly. Comprehensive assistance is recommended every five years.

Cartier Watch Service

  • Disassembling watch
  • Replacing worn parts 
  • checking watch for magnetization and demagnetized
  • Restoring watch movement to factory specifications
  • Checking watch’s rate and power reserve for 48 hours
  • checking water-resistance 
  • Bracelet and clasp are stamped and adjusted
  • Case and metal bracelet are polished
  • Reassembling of watch

What happens during Cartier Watch Service & check-up Facilities?

Cartier Check-up service allows you to verify that your Cartier watch is working correctly. Performed by a master watchmaker, it includes the following operations:

  • An aesthetic inspection following Cartier quality criteria
  • Testing of the case’s water-resistance on additional cost
  • Examination of the watch’s timekeeping (to see if it is fast or slow)
  • Analysis of the watch’s power reserve and amplitude
  • Checking the watch’s magnetization, with demagnetization if required
  • Amplitude check

If you are facing a problem with your Cartier watch, bring it to us at our London Workshop or use our Postal service with Cartier repair by Post for an expert examination and free quotation for the service provided in the future.

Cartier serviced and repaired:

Cartier Watch Repair & Restoration London are proud to provide you following the Cartier watches that we have serviced:

  • Cartier Ballon Blue de Cartier
  • Cartier Ballon Bleue de Cartier 40 Extra Flat Pink Gold / Silver – W6920083
  • Cartier Calibre de Cartier 38 Stainless Steel / Silver WSCA0003
  • Cartier Clé de Cartier WSCL0007
  • Cartier Santos Dumont W2006951
  • Cartier Tortue Extra Thin Pink Gold WGTO0002
  • Cartier ladies diamond tank Francaise Quartz
  • Cartier Panthere Mini Yellow Gold Diamond Special Edition Ladies Watch 1131
  • Cartier Tank Solo XL
  • Cartier Must De Tank Vermeil
  • Cartier Calibre De Cartier 18k Rose Gold Roman Dial 
  • Cartier Pasha de Cartier Ref 2324.
  • Cartier Tank Solo 18k Yellow Gold 
  • CartierSantos Galve SM 
  • Cartier Roadster SM watch 
  • Cartier Ladies SS Santos Octagon Automatic 18k Yellow Gold 
  • Cartier Chronoscaph 21 ref.2424
  • Cartier Baignoire Professional 7743 Ladies Watch 18k Yellow Gold
  • Cartier Santos Vendome 
  • CARTIER MustTrinity 
  • Cartier Vintage Christallor Manual winding Yellow Gold
  • Cartier Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Automatic Men’s Watch 2302
  • CARTIER Tank Basculante XL Steel 
  • Cartier Tank Cintree Women 1960-1969

How can you get your watch repaired by us?

If you have issues with your Cartier watch, bring it to us for a full assessment and free quotation at our watch repair shop in London, Hatton-Garden and we will assist you. Feel free to contact us for further queries related to our Cartier repair and service. We can assure you the best on Cartier repair London . If you cannot come to our workshop, you can use our speedy service with Watch repair online, Cartier watch repair by Post.

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