Jewellery Repairs & Restoration


We repair ALL types of jewellery. Whatever your specific requirements, our expert team are here to help you repair your jewellery pieces. Everything that is needed for your damaged or broken jewellery is carried out in our jewellery workshop by professional repairers.  We do not send your jewellery piece off to anyone else for repair.

Most jewellery repairs are taken to jewellery shops and is carried out by individuals with not as much as experience as us.  Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London is not a jewellery shop.  We operate a well equipped workshop dedicated to jewellery repair and restoration of Antique jewellery – it’s what we do best. We have a wealth of experience and can repair jewellery that others don’t have the expertise for.  What’s more, it’s better value and better quality of work than going to your local jewellery shop.

We offer a fast and quality ring repair service, ring fixing & ring re-sizing service with Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London.

We appreciate and value that each piece of jewellery has a story behind it.  With the many years experience we understand how precious family heirlooms are when passed through generations, and the level of investment behind designer jewellery and precious pieces.  Therefore you can rest assured your treasured and valued jewellery is in safe and experienced hands when you pass to us for repair.

What you can expect from Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London:

  • All jewellery repairs including ring sizing, bracelet repairs, replacing and setting missing precious stones or diamonds and restringing necklaces.

  • Very fast turnaround which means most repairs are returned to you within a week. However if new stones need to be ordered, this may take approximately two weeks. We can advise further on this once we have more information from you.

  • We guarantee all repair work for one year.

  • You can count on us to carry out repairs that other jewellers won’t attempt and we take pride in our high quality work and repair service.

  • All customers have peace of mind that we take care of your treasured jewellery and promise to return it to you beautifully restored and repaired.

If you have discovered that you’ve lost a stone from your ring – do not despair.  We can source and fit you any stone required.  Any stone from diamonds to sapphires, rubies to emeralds, we’ll endeavour to source the best priced stone and provide a perfect match.

Jewellery repairs services with Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London include:

  • Ring Resizing and Repairing

  • Precious Stone Repair

  • Precious Stone Setting

  • Diamond Repair

  • Platinum Repair

  • Ring Shank Repair

  • Ring Remounting

  • Ring Repolishing

  • Antique Pocket Case, Watch Case Repair (reblocking)

  • Gold Plating

  • Black Rhodium Plating

  • Rhodium Plating

      Antique & Restoration


Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London are delighted to define for our customers the difference between Antique and Vintage Jewellery.

When a jewellery item is classified as ‘Antique’ when it has been owned and/or made over 100 years from our present year. If a piece of jewellery is more than 25 years old but less than 100 years old it is classified as ‘Vintage’.

Antique jewellery has an amazing history and just one look at such a piece is simply beautiful.

It is necessary to restore pieces of Antique jewellery to ensure they will last for several life times.

Dating Antique jewellery is normally done by looking at different features:

– Hallmarks

– Design,

– Findings

– Stones shapes

At Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London we are experts in Antique Jewellery.

We love to restore them back their original condition with our master craftsmen.

Have a look a this jewellery timeline:




Jewellery designs from this period focussed on the opulent, elaborate and intricate detailing which included multi-strand necklaces and ‘chandelier’ style earrings. Jewellery fashion included pieces added to the chatelaine and stomacher. Different types of precious stones were used including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and semi-precious stones and pearls.



This era was all about romantic and natural designs and fashion emblems which included hearts, stars, crescents, birds and insects. Jewellery pieces included lockets, brooches, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Different gemstones includes all the precious stones diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls and semi-precious stones, as well as turquoise, coral, garnets, amethysts onyx, amber, coral, opals, peridots, and jet.

Art Nouveau


Jewellery designs and fashion included romantic and imaginary curving details, slender long limbed lines of the era in winged bird and flower forms. The different design styles aimed to evoke mystical symbols and magical powers including dragons and fairies. Gemstones used included all of the semi precious stones.



Designs were fun and flamboyant and continued to be influenced by Art Nouveau designs such as serpents and stars. Jewellery pieces included dog collar necklaces, bar brooches, pearl sautoirs and bangle or chain bracelets. Many different gemstones were used included amethysts, emeralds, opals, pearls, peridots, rubies, and sapphires.

Art Deco


The bold and daring Jazz age! The Roaring Twenties! Jewellery designs and styles included bright colours and geometrical shapes influenced by Cubism, Modernism, abstract designs and oriental art. Jewellery styles included the very popular wristwatch. Gemstones used included diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls and semi-precious stones including turquoise, jade, coral, garnets, amethysts onyx, amber, coral, opals and peridots.



Designs and styles were influenced by the onset of World War II and shortages of precious metals and gemstones due to embargoes. Jewellery styles included patriotic motifs. More semi precious and synthetic gemstones were used in pieces.


At Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration we are experts in Antique Jewellery. We love to restore jewellery pieces back to their original condition.

Our services include Antique diamond ring resetting, replacing old cut diamonds, remounting diamonds, sourcing coloured gemstones for replacement and repairing antiques brooches.

We always enjoy taking on a challenge in restoring a unique jewellery piece.

We specialise in antique jewellery and can restore items including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Georgian and Victorian jewellery with our master craftsman who has more than 65 years experience.

Ring Repair, Ring Restoring, Antique ring repairs with Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London.