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How to clean leather watch strap?


Tips for cleaning watch strap

Tip 1

Heavy stains can be removed simply by using baking soda and water. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda mixed with water. Then you rub on all leather straps and leave it overnight. Then you need to wash and wipe leather strap with a soft cloth.  You should not be dried by the strong heat source to the strap that let it wet dry under normal temperature at room, suitable both in a cool place.

Tip 2

You use one soft towel absorbed with warm water then wipe gently on the skin until the wire until it is clean. If the stain remains, you can replace the warm water with a little white vinegar that will be effective surprisingly (note that just moisture permeability not too much).

Deodorizing on leather strap watch

Tip 3: Use the desiccant pack

You can use desiccant pack to the bottom of the sealed bottle and then lay the watch on. Then re-sprayed to cover the watch up again. For one day or longer, until the watches strap dries, the smell will disappear completely.

If you have a deodorizing ozone machine at home, it will be extremely fast and very efficient. You can turn it on and let the leather straps watch in front of the machine for 30s-60s. Then you will find the odour on leather cord is completely evaporated.

Tip 4: Use fabric softener

Currently many recommendations on the internet is not using chemicals to deodorize odour on leather strap watch. But if you use authentic leather straps, you can be assured that fabric softener completely safe for the skin of the watch. Because the fabric softener has been tested to be safe for the skin, the other type does not matter. You get one small glass enough to contain the amount of water to flood the leather strap. Pour into a 1 lid of fabric softener. Soak the watch for around 30-40 minutes. You leave the watch strap be dried out. Some people have used this way and the result that fabric softener deodorant on leather straps extremely well.

After finishing deodorant we can take xi brown or black depending on the colour and type as shoe . You will own one new strap up to 90% at the moment.


– The first thing that you must remember is that you must remove your watch before going bed or before going to the bathroom. This helps your watch ventilated.

– Never putting your watch near the heat source such as a fire stove, fireplace, oven, top television, refrigerator.

– Avoiding leather strap watch exposed to strong light sources such as sunlight or high pressure light for a long time.

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