Gold Plating Service London

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London is one of the leading jewellery plating and polishing companies.
Gold plating near me has created wearable beauty for diverse and extensive customers, honouring those special times in their lives through amazing creativity and technical achievement.
Individualised custom designs are complemented by a unique collection of designer, diamond and coloured or gold treasure jewellery, enabling Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London to assist discerning customers in finding or producing the perfect recognition or gift.
We have been involved with delivering plated semi-precious (silver, brass and copper) and precious metal coatings, including all types of gold for many years. Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London provides customised plating services for the jewellery trade, general public, students and the craft people.
At Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London, we take great pride in ourselves on our capability to deliver industry-best plating to fit any needs, from residential to manufacturing use.
Our services cover gold plating, rhodium plating and black rhodium, silver plating and everything in between, we give a single-source solution to all your metal plating needs.
In spite of this, Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London is also committed to helping our customers with the plating process to ensure that they know exactly what they will receive after the process.

Gold plating service jewellery

We strongly believe that our long-lasting success is based on providing our customers with a predictably good and regular level of quality that will not just meet but also go beyond their expectations Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London assures that our qualified staff of plating and polishing carry out projects professionally.
Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London offers our customers the best plating and polishing services. Our company is well-equipped with the best and newest technology, and we’re continuously upgrading our capability and equipment to meet all your needs.
Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London also takes advantage of it’s vast knowledge of older techniques and experience when carrying out plating and polishing projects.

Electroplating provides different types of plating service to the jewellery and craft industry:

Gold Plating
Hard Gold Plating
Colour gilding
Black Rhodium Plating
White Rhodium Plating
Silver Plating
Rose Gold Plating
DLC and PVD Coating any types of Watches

Polishing Services

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London provides different types of polishing services.
Silver Polishing
White Gold Polishing
All types of jewellery polishing
All types of silversmithing polishing

Copper Electroforming

Ever heard of electrofoming and wondered what it was? Electroforming is a process of depositing metal particles onto the surface of another item. During the process you can either coat a master model completely (like a wax carving) to create a strong but fairly lightweight metal form. This enables quite large forms to be coated completely in metal. Alternatively the process also allows for parts of the object (even non-metallic) to have metal highlights.
During the process, copper fuses onto another medium whilst a low voltage passed through the materials and creates a relief that becomes a separate part in its own right. There is the option to create thicker layers over all kinds of material including glass or wax. The layers can be as thick as 1mm and can be so strong that the form will no longer need the original piece it coated anymore (e.g. wax mould).
At Jewellery Watch Repairs & Restoration London we have our own electroforming equipment in our workshop and we can carry out electrofoming on any objects. Please get in touch here to discuss your request more.